Durable floors

Commercial and industrial floors have to withstand tremendous stress wrought by the heavy human traffic and sometimes harsh environment that they face.

Hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, offices, factories, education facilities and stadia are just some of the facilities that face heavy pounding and need durable floors that will serve for years to come and yet be pleasing to the eye.

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We give you a peek at what is out there on offer and what the current trends are on durable floors.

TechWear Innovations Ltd specializes in the application and distribution of MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin based flooring systems.

Their MMA line of products is manufactured in Germany by SILIKAL. SILIKAL has been a leader in the resin coating industry for over 50 years and is credited for countless breakthroughs and innovations in application techniques and product development, within this sector.

There are numerous advantages to an MMA floor over other types of flooring. These include: Hygienic (anti-bacterial and fungal, no joints or grouting, wall coving), Fast curing. ( Each layer can cure in a maximum of two hours allowing an entire floor to be laid over night, costing a business a limited amount in down time), Durable. (Having a minimum life of 15 years and being able to withstand a pressure of up to 100 Newton’s per mm2, MMA floors are perfect for all forms of industrial and commercial use), Aesthetics: With an endless range of color options, countless finishes, and the ability to incorporate logos and pictures within the floor, MMA floors are not only functional but also beautiful. Resistance: MMA floors are resistant to all forms of  acids, lyes, greases, oils, salts and other aggressive 

The floor can also be applied outdoor as its naturally UV resistant, Practical: MMA floors create flat, non-slip, non-skid surfaces just like a customer needs them: monolithic, non-crack, dust-free, easy to clean and easy to care for, Safe: MMA floors can be non-slip and anti-static ensuring the safety of the work force and the customers, 2-5 year warranty depending on the state of the sub-floor we are applying MMA coating on.

TechWear Innovations Ltd not only sells and does application of the MMA flooring system, they also offers training and certification to contractors interested in adding the MMA floor in to their brand portfolios. The training courses concentrate on both practical applications of the product as well as theory as both in our minds are equally important.

Their main customers currently are institutions. These include a full range of customer types including but not limited to: Food Processing factories, hospitals and clinics, restaurant kitchens, Warehouse’s, supermarkets, high-traffic areas (airports, exhibition halls, showrooms), automotive industry (tire centers, work shops, mechanics), shopping malls, manufacturing plants, and parking lots.

TechWear Innovations Ltd serves the entire East African market including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda. Although sales have been focused on Nairobi, they are planning an aggressive expansion plan into the neighboring east African countries.

Bolefloor, the innovative hardwood flooring and live edge surface manufacturer, has the greenest approach in the industry. Bolefloor is the world’s first manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree’s growth. Bolefloor proves that sustainable manufacturing could be high-end quality and trendsetter in flooring and home décor.

With its unique technology Bolefloor makes natural curved-length flooring and surfaces available at the price of today’s fine wood flooring. Boleform provides soft lined surface for interior and exterior design and is highly desired by architects and furniture designers.

Bole Inc is the only live edge technology owner in the world and thanks to university developed optimization algorithms and software Bole provides new aesthetics. Bolefloors are suitable for both – private residences and public spaces, also outdoor surfaces such as terraces.

Bolefloor has the greenest touch in the flooring industry. Bole’s technology allows for producing more flooring per tree. Bolefloor solid plank floors utilize around 20% more of each sawn plank — leaving less waste on the sawmill floor. Its curved products are therefore not only aesthetically more stunning, but also ecologically more valuable than straight products.

Bolefloors are available in five species: oak, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut. They run up to 300 cm long and 15 to 35 cm wide. Solid floors have a thickness of 20 or 13 mm.

This product has all the aesthetic qualities of a traditional Bolefloor, but is specially designed for environments with inconsistent temperatures or powerful floor heating. Floors are available unfinished or oiled, tongue and groove, ready to glue down.

Since 1975 Polygroup has directed its efforts to manufacture, development and production of high-quality flooring, offering a complementary range of high performance coverings, including homogeneous vinyl flooring, rubber, carpet and raised floors.

Their continuous research and development of new manufacturing methods and strict quality control to which they subject their products are having internationally renowned in the fields of construction and industry.

Automated manufacturing lines give them greater precision and autonomy in production systems, getting to meet the demands of today’s markets.

Their GAMAFLOR Access floor system adapts to a wide variety of buildings, rehabilitation of historic buildings, new intelligent buildings, communication buildings, the ease of access to facilities under this scheme is one of the many advantages that have.

Their system of raised flooring and Remove brand GAMAFLOR adapts to a wide variety of buildings, rehabilitation of historic buildings, new intelligent buildings, communication buildings, etc. The GAMAFLOR system consists panels 600x600mm standard measure supported on adjustable steel pedestals height, resulting in a hard false floor on the existing grown.

Establishing a gap (plenum) that is enabled on a space under the panels which allows the installation of telephone facilities, electricity, water, air conditioning, etc., and providing immediate access later.
GAMAFLOR PAC is made of different thicknesses according to the load that the system has to support, so there are different qualities of panels: Panel PAC 35/05 and Panel PAC 40/05, with thicknesses of 35 or 40 mm respectively of chipboard core density between 700-720 kg/m3.

All their systems use steel as main raw material as it is the best material behavior weight resistance and resistance to fire (cast at 1.500 ° C) provides systems raised floors to ensure durability and safety in new buildings Smart.

Artigo S.p.A., established in 1961 by the Pirelli Group to produce rubber flooring for civil and industrial applications, is heir to the outstanding heritage of the Group, from which the brand has subsequently detached. Recently Artigo and Mondo, an international player in the field of commercial and sports applications of rubber founded in 1948, have converged their know-how and their resources by founding a business unit dedicated to contract flooring.

Artigo products are eco-sustainable, owing to the quality of their components: the best rubber, and colour pigments selected among the substances with the lowest environmental impact, both in the manufacturing process and life cycle.

Artigo rubber flooring is made of both natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing mineral charges and natural colour pigments selected from substances that remain environment-friendly during the floor’s production process and life cycle.

They do not contain: PVC, heavy metals, halogens (chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine), asbestos, formaldehyde (EC brand), cadmium, volatile plasticizers (Önorm S2100 – Austria certification) and are, therefore, similar to solid urban waste. The low emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds) has been certified in accordance with strict German regulations.

Trade Flooring Co is a London based specialist supplier of wood floors. They have been supplying wood and other floor coverings for over 25 years.

As well as supplying factory finished wood floors in engineered and solid format they supply wood floors custom made to their customer requirements. They finish floors to different colors in hardwax oils and lacquers.

They also supply other floor coverings such as carpets and vinyls for domestic and commercial applications.Their floors range from Rotterdam, Alaska, Cornwall, Colorado, Letchworth distressed, Oxford, Alaska White, Letchworth, Liverpool, Oslo, Denham, Oakham, Moscow, Bath, Lisbon, Brighton, London, Copenhagen, Glasgow.

They manufacture all their own products and are committed to satisfying the customers’ demands. They make herringbone and chevron style as well as design floors. Their floors are easy to clean and maintain, they are made for a lifetime. All products are available in engineered oak and solid oak.

SureSet, the UK’s leading manufacturer of resin bound surfacing materials, has been supplying high quality permeable paving for residential and commercial projects for over 13 years.

Their complete product range includes a wide variety of colour and texture options, with natural aggregates, marble and recycled materials including glass, shells, bricks and even plastic. Their range provides almost limitless design options for landscape architects, designers, developers and home owners – from natural buffs and earthy shades of terracotta, olive green and tans to the rich, vibrant primary colours of their Spectrum® range.

Their products are fast and easy to install, SureSet resin bound surfacing delivers a wide range of aesthetic and performance benefits for a multitude of applications:

Beautiful, long-lasting appearance; Every SureSet product provides a beautiful, durable and virtually maintenance free surface. With a large choice of colour and texture options, the range offers great design freedom and flexibility to create stunning surfaces. SureSet may be used in combination to complement or contrast with most materials, including grass, wooden decking, bricks and pavers.

Permeable solution; the permeable nature of SureSet significantly reduces the problem of standing water- the resin bound surfacing simply allows water to drain through.

Low maintenance; Installed by skilled craftsmen, every SureSet surface will provide many years of high quality performance. Resistant to cracks, oil, UV-light and frost, the integrity of the resin bound surface will remain intact, preventing stones from becoming loose and weeds from growing through. The surface can be kept clean simply by brushing or power washing.

The Colour Flooring Company is a boutique online store offering a range of beautiful, contemporary vinyl flooring.

Their vinyl is suitable for use with under floor heating and it is fully waterproof, so is ideal as kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring and throughout the rest of the home.

Their floors are made of quality, hard-wearing, commercial-grade sheet vinyl. Each colour way is a gorgeous solid block of pigment with a matt coating for a smooth, modern finish. Choose from a carefully selected palette – including their never-before-seen-in-the-UK white vinyl sheet flooring.

Their flooring is made for domestic and light commercial use and has been used in schools, shops, community centres and exhibition venues. It is manufactured to industry standards for safety and durability.

Imondi was founded on the belief that creating a product in perfect harmony with its environment could help to transform lives. As the first British owned flooring manufacturer in Asia, Imondi epitomizes attention to detail and by understanding their client’s visions and needs, and adding creativity and innovation; their hand crafted floors have helped transform clients’ businesses and missions.

The global headquarters of Pepe Jeans, situated in Madrid, Spain was completed using Imondi’s Reclaimed Oak, Weathered. This engineered floor is part of Imondi’s Organic range a collection of floors made using salvaged timbers from all over the world.

This particular installation used oak beams collected from disused old barns throughout Northern America and bought back to life again as a luxury engineered floor with mixed widths from 110mm – 140mm and fixed lengths up to 2.1m, protected by a natural oil coating.

Imondi’s hand crafted floors bring to mind a by gone era. One of the strengths of our products is its adaptability; Imondi Flooring is equally fitting to classic styling as it is to contemporary interiors and is featured in properties throughout Europe, North America and China, several of which have won architectural and design awards.

They use logs sourced from sustainable forests and traceable to their forest of origin and they are also committed to ensuring their customers receive the highest quality flooring and have been issued both CE and ISO: 9001 certification as well as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

Dennebos Flooring B.V. offer engineered flooring with a 5,5 mm wear layer. This wear layer is about the same as the thickness of the top of a solid board above the tongue and groove.

People should choose for an engineered board instead of a solid board is because of its stability. An engineered board is far more stabile and does not react as much on difference in humidity, where if this happens with a solid board it will result to problems.

The big advantage is that this is their own production and there by the flexibility. The company has experience in the field of retail and hospitality already so they know what they are talking about and can suggest how to work because of their technical knowledge.

Dennebos Flooring offers you the opportunity of individuality, through carefully selected species and finishes, offering a perfect basis to create a stylish and an attractive interior. Thanks to our unprecedented range of treatments and finishes the choice is yours, so let Dennebos create the floor you really want to achieve with the help of our experts. Choose from a variety of widths, lengths, qualities and finishing and enjoy a matchless piece of individuality.

With almost 130 years’ experience in tile production, Royal Mosa in Maastricht stands apart internationally for innovative products that are not only ceramic but, nowadays, also made of glass and steel. Moreover, at Mosa the manufacturing process is organized in such a way that the company can find a solution for every problem, in constant dialogue with architects.

Restrained or colourful, geometrically formal or as a polymorphous mosaic, tiles can be used to achieve a wide variety of effects that strengthen architectural form and space. Moreover, tiles are functional, practical in use and maintenance, and long-lasting. Functionality and appearance determine the quality of an architectural design. Mosa contributes to this with tiles that are distinctive, innovative and of high aesthetic quality.

But Mosa innovations do not focus exclusively on products. Mosa is the first tile manufacturer worldwide to obtain a Cradle to Cradle ® Silver certificate for nearly its full product range. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Mosa’s mission and principles.

This is an intrinsic element of a sustainable product such as tiles and of the operations of a quality-conscious company of the nature of Mosa. Cradle to Cradle is an innovative, positive and integral approach to sustainability that avoids reduction and is based on the unlimited reuse of materials: “waste is food”.

This approach is highly compatible with Mosa’s philosophy, as we are convinced that the future lies solely with sustainable products which are manufactured in a responsible manner and do not pose health risks. This is a responsibility which we share with you, our customers. Moreover, this responsibility is further emphasized by the regulations that increasingly prescribe the use of sustainable construction materials.

G K Flooring is an industrial flooring specialist, with over 25 years experience in the trade who specialise in a large range of floor preparation and our company is UK Blastrac approved contractor using a dust free machine. They also use a tile uplift machine for the needs to remove tiles etc for your sub straight.

Decorative finishes look attractive and hard wearing, The finish can incorporate a range of colours these include Flake, Quartz systems once laid you can apply a seal to give the floor area a matt or gloss finish. GK Flooring use a resin coating with quick drying thermal rubber to mark out i.e. walkways, Road markings, Zebra crossings, Workstations and much more, Most commonly used in the work place for safety awareness in a working environment.

They also carry out floor grinding screeds, Pump screeds, and Epoxy & PU screeds with floor repairs to line markings. So the benefits of calling them one of the UK’s Blastrac approved contractors for all industrial flooring is guaranteed.

With the use of pump screeds, large floor areas can be covered quickly with a quality finish. These screeds offer the number one recognized solution for new and refurbished industrial floor surfaces. They provide an extremely smooth, non-dusting and hard wearing surface that offers maximum durability. They’re ideal for existing concrete floors, whatever their current condition. The screeds will not create dust in the work place.

At G.K. Flooring, they now use the latest technology in floor preparation from Blastrac. Blastrac floor preparation machines prepare concrete surfaces (including those covered with asbestos) for new paint, epoxy, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Specialized vacuums attached to the machine ensure a completely dust free atmosphere.

Iron Rock’s quarry tile is versatile, dependable and it is the one ceramic tile that is as tough as brick. Features and benefits of their products include: sustainability; metropolitan ceramics quarry products are one of the longest lasting flooring products available.

In fact, a recent study found quarry tile to be the best value among competing floor covering products based specifically on the price and longevity of the product. The extrusion process used to manufacture Metropolitan Ceramics unglazed ceramic quarry tile is combined with state-of-the art equipment and the finest raw materials.

The result is an unglazed ceramic tile that is impact, abrasion, slip, and soil resisting; their products are extruded then hard fired making their absorption level very low and their durability level very high. The half inch thickness gives strength that resist impact and abrasion; functionally this quality makes tile less susceptible to chipping.

Aesthetically the relieved edges give a soft, natural look to a finished installation; quarry tile is well suited for high traffic and multi-use commercial and residential design needs. Metropolitan’s “through the body” color will never wear off.

As quarry tiles age they acquire a natural patina that actually enhances their beauty and character. Metropolitan Ceramics has successfully recreated the conditions that made naturally fired tile of the past so richly varied in depth of color and tone. Their Somerset line of ceramic tile products carries this wealth of character to the installations of today. Some of their products include: enviroquarry, quarrybasics and down to earth

Itma Floors deal primarily with the supply and installation of flooring materials. They have variety of American, European & Asian; soft and hard flooring products available ensures they can provide flooring to suit all market requirements.

Also available is a variety of brands and labels which offers an extra ordinary selection of styles, textures, patterns and colors that gives comfortable and relaxing environment. Their soft flooring brands include: Beaulieu of America, Bolyu Commercial and Pure Contract.

In hard flooring, they have various brands such as: Solid Parquet; Solid Wood Parquet comes in a wide variety of wood species, colors and widths. Besides the classic hardwoods (like red oak, white oak, maple and ash) many manufacturers now offer exotic hardwood species from all over the World. Engineered Wood Parquet; The natural characteristics of wood add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors try to duplicate.

It comes in 14 mm. With the demand for hardwood flooring growing manufacturers are enhancing their ranges to meet this demand, with better quality finishes and superior construction techniques. Comfortex Collection Laminate Flooring; Unlike any typical hardwood floor that sometimes have a tendency to stain or scratch; it comes in 7mm and does not stain or fade.

Their laminate flooring is much more water and scratch resistant than hardwood floors. It comes in seven (7) different color species: Merbau, Wengue, Walnut, Beech, Cherry, Hickory and Alder.

IVC Group specializes in innovative manufacturing of luxury fiberglass sheet vinyl and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) products of beauty, durability and style.

On the fiberglass sheet vinyl side, they offer their American-made itec commercial flooring. The floors offer a variety of benefits including stain, scuff, scratch, indentation resistance and are offered in an extensive variety of colors and patterns.

Their realistic designs are derived from the world around us. Inspired by nature’s vibrant colors, striking textures, illuminating hues and breathtaking beauty, IVC brings the sensational influences evoked by nature into your home or workspace. From rustic to warm, cold to striking, fluid to statuesque, IVC’s luxury flooring offers an array of dynamic styles to help create your room’s desired atmosphere.

At its core, the sheet vinyl has a highly resilient fiberglass structure, double encapsulated by PVC layers. This innovative construction ensures dimensional stability, meaning that their product will not contract, expand, curl or crack.

The wear layer adds tear and scuff resistance to keep floors looking beautiful for years. Plus, the cushioned backing makes their flooring more comfortable to walk on than while adding a base that resists indentation. The sheet vinyl is resistant to water, humidity, mold and mildew, making it a perfect choice for highly moisturized areas.

It can be installed over most subfloors with minimal extra effort and cost. It is easier to handle and takes less time to install compared to carpet, laminate, hardwood, ceramic tile or conventional felt vinyl.

Most of their products feature a 13’2” width, which reduces the seam numbers. It also can be loose laid up to 25 square yards; A perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers. Installation methods for IVC’s LVT collection range from glue down to a patented ESQ locking system: easy, simple & quick. The sheet vinyl is adhered with a pressure sensitive, releasable adhesive, which makes it easier to repair if damaged. Once installed, the flooring can easily be pulled back to repair any subfloor damage and reinstalled.

FREEFIT is a click less, glue less luxury vinyl tile. Designed with the best-in-class wear layer and warranty in the LVT market, it is patented internationally and registered trademark of GTP International Ltd. FreeFit , 4mm thick, 20 mil weal layer with a Silica Urethane Finish, Tiles are 18″ x 18″ & Planks range from 6″ x 36″ up to 48″ depending on the product line, glueless, click less installation, easiest plank or tile replacement.

It works based on their patented suction backing (Circles) that prevents lateral movement, dimensionally stable by design (no fiberglass) from 0-120 degrees F, must be installed tight around the perimeter of the room or locked in placed with the use of their double faced tape (Gecko Tape) or a premium LVT Adhesive (Stauf D737), water resistant, easiest LVT to install, pet friendly, exceptional wear resistant finish, cuts easily with no hazardous dust or fumes, ease of maintenance with no waxing or buffing required, warm, soft & quiet underfoot, Green Guard Children & Schools Certified, Coordinating Molding Package to accommodate all colors, Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty & 15 Year Commercial Warranty, Very flexible, therefore contours well to uneven substrates & covers minor subfloor irregularities.

It can be pinned down without the product buckling, installed in infinite distance without any breaks or transition pieces in the floor and over any substrate with the exception of carpet & cushion back vinyl, Static Load Limit (Indentation Resistance) of 2,000 psi.

It can withstand a stiletto heel without any denting, Stain & Chemical resistant with the exception of gasoline. All 40 sku’s can be combined on the same floor for an infinite number of design options. It has no directional arrows on the back of any of the plank or tile giving a non-directional install.

Matéflex have engineered all their state-of-the-art tiles for peak performance and near bulletproof durability. All of their modular flooring is portable, extremely low maintenance, affordable and easy to install.

They operate their own molding plants, so they’re on the front lines when it comes to quality control. As a floating flooring manufacturer, they’re use the finest materials, and continually refining the manufacturing process to achieve the highest possible standards. They are an excellent choice for any sports flooring or specialized flooring application.

The Matéflex II tile is a narrow gauge rib system for quick drainage, high traction and good ball bit. This is comparable to using a narrow gauge racquet string.

Even after many years of wear and tear, these ribs will maintain the same width and therefore the same playing speed. Each the tile has 32 individual interlocks 8 per side with surrounding modules for superior court integrity.

The interlocking system is firm for a stable playing platform. They are also reinforced for exceptional strength over a long service life.

It incorporates a leaf spring type flex joint system. It provides controlled lateral give during play for reduced leg stress and greater comfort, conforms to minor undulations in the substrate and controls thermal expansion. It is made from a special high-impact polypropylene copolymer and is fully color impregnated. Stabilizers insure the product will last under any climate or weather conditions.

The surface combines the comfort and resiliency of a soft court with the durability and low maintenance of a hard court.

They features cushioned surface, excellent drying time after rainfall, minimal maintenance, access to base for repairs, portability, excellent durability and low glare.

TileFlex is the first solid-top tile that marries quality floor finishes with the versatility and durability of a raised modular floor. Features include: cushioned surface, edges are protected from damage by specially designed rim, minimal maintenance, access to base for repairs, court portability, excellent durability and low glare. It has a unique construction that allows for airflow and keeps the surface away from potential dampness. Each tile is a single, snap-together unit for easy installation.

Amorim Revestimentos manufacture cork flooring investigating and creating flooring solutions that, without affecting the environment, ensures a higher quality of life. Wicanders has been producing flooring since 1868, always inspired on nature’s most pure values and using avant-garde technologies to provide high quality, ecologic and stylish flooring.

Their products are made out of natural products, they are energy saving and the surface finishes do not retain dirt. They reduce the transmission of sound between and inside compartments, provide natural thermal insulation, as well as a high capacity to retain thermal energy.

Their collections are: artcomfort, corkcomfort, woodcomfort, vinylcomfort, dekwall, parquet, premium & royalcollection, Kentucky collection, victoria collection, manor house collection, classics collection, walnut nature, 3-strip design, bamboo collection and fine line collection.

Floor coverings in industrial areas must satisfy high standards. Exemplary criteria are the load-bearing capacity, resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents, abrasion and slip resistance, economic efficiency and an attractive look.

Ceramic tiles of the renowned German brand Agrob Buchatal have proved themselves in this demanding sector for decades all around the globe. The product range of this manufacturer comprises ceramic tiles in numerous colors, formats, surfaces and thicknesses.

Thanks to that the slip resistance can be exactly adapted to the respective area of application. The same applies to the material thickness, which can be individually selected for the static and rolling loads to be expected. This permits a reasonable balance between economic efficiency and safe bearing of high loads. Their tiles are made of high-quality stoneware which has a compressive strength approx. 10-20 times higher than reinforced concrete.

Their ceramic tiles are resistant to acids and alkalis, non-combustible, resistant to heat (important e.g. around floor drains into which hot media are poured), antistatic, scratch-proof, odorless, emission-free, durable, easy to care for, resistant to bacteria and hygienic. The wide product range permits the realization of comprehensive room concepts, which create a pleasant, motivating and thus productive working atmosphere.

They offer extensive services, which include especially the qualified support at the optimal tile selection and application in the planning phase of projects. This competent advice regarding application techniques is provided individually related to the respective single building project. Their ceramic safety border in the signal colors black and yellow clearly and durably warns of dangerous areas.

It is slip-resistant, unsusceptible against chemicals, does not detach itself from the base and does not fade. Their wide product range permits comprehensive floor/wall solutions, which create a pleasant and thus productive working environment.

Maple Leaf Lamisol specialize in private label programs for the flooring industry. They can supply a wide assortment of products ranging from laminate, engineered wood, carpet tiles, LVT as well as under cushion which can be top loaded in your containers.

Their programs are designed to compliment your brand name programs and allow you to maximize margins. They have been serving customers all over the world since 1993. They have set up programs with distributors in Canada and the USA as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
There are so many different options for floor coverings to meet the needs of today’s consumers. ORKA their newest and most popular LOOSE LAY LVT is one such product.

Orka is dimensionally stable and the easiest to install. It is a free floating installation requiring nothing but double sided glue on the perimeter of the room. Choose from among a variety of wood plank looks in 6×36 or 6×48 planks or the more modern and cosmopolitan look of our new 12×24 tiles.

Laminates continue to have a strong presence in the market place offering consumers options in not only thickness but finish as well. One should opt for their 8mm or 12mm in a natural hand scrape finish and get the look of wood at a fraction of the price.

If wood is what you are looking for then they have engineered wood available in just about any species you need such as: Oak, maple, birch, Jatoba, walnut in the thickness and finis of your choice. Maple Leaf Lamisol is your source for building new programs.
Guangzhou Supe Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing and construction enterprise of floor coating in China, integrating production, sales and construction of floor coating and wall paint. Their main products include: floor paint, polyurea paint, anti-corrosive paint, wall paint, marine paint, wooden paint, artificial stone, natural stone,floor surface preparation machines etc.
SUPE success in building on a powerful combination of market knowledge, technical resource, manufacturing expertise and problem-solving capabilities. SUPE takes “credit, harmony, practice and strictness” as the corporate spirit, holds the concept of “first class quality, first class service”, makes progress continually etc.

Carpet Dubai Flooring is a firm that serves high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings in Dubai. Their motive is to focus on functional, design-oriented, and environment friendly floors. The products this company offers include: Wooden Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl PVC Flooring, Ceramic Tiles.
Their flooring material is slip resistant made for places like clean rooms corporate office, malls and theatres.

The firm’s flooring not only gives style and beauty to your home but they are also affordable and economically fit as per your budget.

Changzhou Aipu Decorative Materials Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Floor Molding industry and they are dedicated into floor molding production since 2006 in China.

The product range covers over 25 different types, including: Stairnose, Reducer, Endcap, T-Molding, Quarter round, Concave line & several sizes of Baseboards. All this material matches Laminate Floor/Vinyl Flooring at thickness from 6mm-15mm, Colors matches the same.

Foshan Aozihao Ceramics Co., Ltd is an enterprise that produces different series’ porcelain tiles in all kinds of regular size. In order to ensure the high quality of products, The company adopts advanced technology and modernized management.

Ever Global Trading L.L.C is a well established company that produces a variety of products inclusing:
Plywood – commercial / film faced / melamine, Timber – soft wood – pine spruce fir, Timber – hardwood – balau, meranti , teak, sapelli, mahogany, iroko , Wooden Decking and floorings etc.
The company is based in Dubai, India and China, with fully operational offices.

Choices of reliable flooring products are endless but one overriding consideration will always be cost. The cost of purchase, installation and maintenance and so choosing carefully will remain of atmost importance


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