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Household pests are a common problem in homes in Long Island and across the USA. They come in a wide variety of species, and while many are not especially dangerous, you still don’t want to share your home with them! Pests come into the home for a variety of reasons – they are looking for warmth and food – and whether we are talking about the insect variety or the rodent version, the reasons are largely the same.

Long Island is not exempt from pests that infest the home, and it is not a sign that a house is not clean when, for example, cockroaches take up residence. Rather, it is simply that they have found an environment in which they can happily live and breed – and there lies the biggest problem of all.

Mice have as many as 10 litters per year, each usually producing five or six young. Those young reach maturity in just 30 days! Imagine the numbers of mice you will have by the end of a year if this is left unchecked – the answer is many thousands. So, what are the most frequently encountered household pests, what can be done about them, and do you need professionals to eradicate them from your Long Island home? These are all questions we will do our best to answer below. We’ll begin by looking at the most commonly seen pests in the home.

What are the Common Household Pests?

A typical and well-regarded pest control company for Long Island residents is https://majesticpestcontrol.com/, and you’ll find a lot of useful information on that website. We do recommend that you get a quote for your pest elimination requirements from them as well as one from a couple of other local service providers before you choose. So, the five most common household pests in Long Island are as follows:

  • Ants are present everywhere and can be problematic. They live in colonies and can be found in many different species. While not dangerous – and in fact quite interesting – they are not wanted in the home.
  • Mice are among the biggest problems for homeowners in Long Island and elsewhere. They get through the tiniest of spaces and, as we have mentioned, multiply quickly. Mice can chew through electrical cables, causing a possible fire risk.
  • Rats are famously ubiquitous throughout the world and are hardy creatures that can cause the same problems as mice as well as carrying diseases in some cases.
  • Bed Bugs are an increasing problem in the USA as people travel more readily. They come back with you in the creases of clothes and luggage and are another creature that multiplies very rapidly. They also feed on your blood and are notoriously difficult to eliminate.
  • Cockroaches are, in fact, quite amazing creatures that are also unpleasant to have in the home but – contrary to belief – do not signify a home that is not clean. They are here for warmth and food.

Now that we are aware of the common pests let’s talk about what we can do about them?

What are the DIY Methods of Pest Elimination?

The subject of DIY pest control is one much written about, and while there are methods that do have an effect, the likelihood is that you will be too late to completely eradicate your visitors. Bedbugs, for example, can be tackled with many off-the-shelf products, but you cannot be sure that you have removed all the eggs. Mice and rats can be caught in traps, but how many are there in the home? As for cockroaches and ants, they are truly best left to the professionals, and we’ll talk about that after we’ve looked at some preventative measures.

How Can I Prevent Pests from Entering My Home?

The honest answer is that no home can be 100% pest-proof. Mice get in through tiny cracks, you’ve likely brought the bedbugs in yourself, and cockroaches will come in through any available entrance. You can do the following to minimize the opportunity:

  • Cover all air bricks with fine wire mesh.
  • Attend to cracks in woodwork and stone or bricks by filling them in.
  • Never leave food uncovered within the house.
  • Dispose of waste food in sealed bins or containers.
  • Clear spillages both in and outdoors as quickly as possible.

If you have rodents, then a cat might help deter them if you happen to be a pet lover. Now let’s talk about why you need to bring in professionals to deal with an infestation of pests.

What are the Benefits of Professional Pest Elimination?

Many people try various DIY pest elimination routines and then turn to professionals, after all. You may want to save the money spent on the DIY methods and call in the experts right away. Here are the benefits of engaging the services of a professional pest control expert for your Long Island home:

  • Expert solutions using the right equipment and techniques.
  • Safe extermination that is carried out professionally.
  • Removal of dead mice, rats, and other pests.
  • Expert advice on pest prevention.
  • Knowledge of where to look for each type of pest.
  • Destruction or removal of nests, eggs, and all pests.

Put simply, bring in the experts, and you are guaranteed a job well done. So, how much will it cost to rid your home of pests?

How Much Will Professional Pest Elimination Cost? 

Quoting a pest control cost accurately is not something we can do as it will depend upon factors such as the size of the property, the severity of the infestation, the type of pest being dealt with, and the difficulty involved. What we can say is that a typical pest elimination routine will cost between $100 and $270 on average.

If you suspect or have noticed pests in your home, we recommend you call out the experts immediately, as any delay gives them more time to become established and to reproduce.