Five ways to create a stylish kitchen you’ll love forever

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Thinking of a kitchen revamp? You’ve come to the right place. Designing a fabulous kitchen is certainly worthwhile and incredibly rewarding, no matter what space you’re working with. Having a kitchen you be can proud of is a great feeling as a homeowner, so let’s get into some ways you can create your very own.

Open plan layout

The best hosting and family spaces leave plenty of room for activities. An open-plan kitchen maximises the area available and creates a spacious, light and versatile space, perfect for all your needs. For a touch of opulence, a luxury fitted kitchen complements your home perfectly, taking advantage of every feature available.

Islands and peninsulas are popular to maximise worktop space and enhance utility. They add contours to your kitchen space which give an even greater sense of style and sophistication.

Add a feature wall

Feature walls aren’t just for the bedroom and lounge. Why not incorporate one into your kitchen? They can spice up a bare wall or corner of the room and completely shift the atmosphere of your space.

Bare brick is charming and charismatic. A natural wallpaper with leaves, plants and trees can bring the outdoors inside if that’s something you desire. Alternatively, a neutral grey wall can offset other bolder elements of your kitchen and help you to balance your décor.

Decorate with art

Art in the kitchen is something not many interior designers shout about. However, the right pieces can add a touch of class to your cooking and dining spaces. Culinary-themed or not, art helps to infuse some inspiration and creativity into your kitchen.

Display memories from trips or travels where you tasted sublime food and drink. Or, hang framed menus and recipes that symbolise your favourite cuisines or experiences. Get creative!

Consider a drinks bar

Up your hosting capabilities with a drinks bar and create a more impressive kitchen. Leave it exposed or conceal it inside a cabinet to give it a more discreet feel. It’s a great way to add character and practicality to your kitchen, especially if you can use it to cover any bare wall space or fill any awkward spaces.

Showcase your collection of reds, whites or spirits, or have a cocktail-making station all set up to wow guests at one of your gatherings. Just imagine how much fun you could have!

Don’t forget lighting

So many people get wrapped up in choosing cabinets and perfecting the finishes that they forget to consider their lighting. It’s so important to help illuminate your kitchen and highlight certain features.

Varying levels of light create different atmospheres, which can be important for certain activities. Bright ceiling lights are great for visibility during cooking and cleaning, but softer under-cabinet lighting sets a more relaxed mood for dinner parties and the odd romantic evening.