Five Ways to Create Space in Your Home

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Space is often difficult to find at home. We have so much more stuff now than in previous generations and finding somewhere to put it all can be difficult. From boxes of memories that just need to be stored, to holiday decorations and suitcases which need to be accessible, and then there’s the everyday items like sports kit, schoolbooks, clothes and more. Once you’ve filled your rooms with bookcases, cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes, it can be difficult working out where to put the rest of the furniture!

However, there are ways to create space where you didn’t have it before. Here are some innovative ways to make the best of what you’ve got and how to add extra space if possible.

Storage Furniture

Invest in some new furniture with inbuilt storage to give you somewhere to keep items like blankets, bedding, DVDs and even the ironing board. From ottoman beds and sofas – where the top lifts up revealing a hollow base with plenty of storage space – to extra deep media units with shelf and cupboard space behind, if you look around, you’re almost guaranteed to find piece of furniture with a nifty solution to your problem.

At the lower end of the budget spectrum, ottoman stools work great for adding extra places to sit and giving you enough space within to store smaller items like shoes and cleaning supplies.

Hidden Spaces

There are dozens of nooks and crannies in every home which could be repurposed as handy storage spaces, thereby freeing up space in your home. Under the stairs is a prime example of space which is always underutilised. Take full advantage of your under the stairs space by installing some pull out drawers to store shoes, cleaning supplies, and school essentials and save them from piling up by the front door.


If your home has an attached garage, basement, or an attic space, are you using them to their full capacity? Converting them can give you extra rooms, perfect if your family is growing, or if you want to add a home gym, recreation room, or office. Rooms feel much larger if they have one purpose and trying to cram an office area into a kitchen or bedroom isn’t going to give you the best working atmosphere. Much better to repurpose some existing space and make better use of it.

Add Outbuildings

For those items which need storing outside and boxes which you don’t need easy access to, consider erecting a standalone outbuilding like these freestanding steel huts. With a variety of different sizes to choose from it’s easy to pop up a prefab shed or garage which will easily store boxes, old furniture, lawnmowers, and gardening tools. They’re weatherproof too, so you don’t need to worry about anything getting ruined by damp. And if you move your storage into an outside building, you’ll have a lot more room inside, and maybe even space for a conversion.

Create an Extension

Another way to add extra rooms to your home is to build an external extension. You could start small with a porch or wet room to store your coats and shoes or think big and add a sunroom or even a two-storey extension! Make sure you research whether you need planning permission and take into consideration rights of way to make sure you don’t block access for your neighbours. Extensions will not only give you more space but will add value to your home, although they are the most expensive option on this list.


Adding space is often just a case of exploring better storage options to help you declutter. If you need a lot more room, because of an expanding family or growing hobbies, then adding an outbuilding or extension, or converting an existing room, could be the best solution for you and cheaper than buying somewhere bigger. Of course, for an immediate solution, you could always have a good old clear out and make space that way!