Five Ways To Smarten Up Your Bathroom

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A bathroom is a place where we can spend our me-time for a while to escape from anyone’s attention. If the place is old, or outdated we like the place, not at all. But a smart bathroom can change the complete picture of your home.

We all have heard about smart TV, smartphone, and smart kitchen appliances but we have never heard about the smart bathroom. The term is very surprising to hear. A few minor changes can change the look of the bathroom. There are several ways to smarten up your bathroom. The article will help you to figure out how to smarten up your bathroom. Lesso shower room can be used to modify your bathroom.

Five Ways To Smarten Up Our Bathroom

Though there are several ideas available everywhere to smarten up your bathroom. We are going to discuss a few of them.

  • Mirror On The Wall: Mirrors are such a thing that enhances the space of any room if it is placed properly. Unlike rooms, bathrooms are also a part whose look changes due to a proper mirror. A mirror should be positioned just opposite the window so that it enhances the light and increases the depth of the room. There are also smart mirrors available which your can use for your bathroom. Mirror is a necessary thing in any bathroom. But the choice of mirror and the position of mirror gives your bathroom a modern look.
  • Smart Showers: Smart showers can be a way to smarten up your bathroom. If you are irritated about the temperature of the water, the smart shower is the best possible solution for you. The LED light will show you the temperature of the water so that the kids, as well as the adults, feel free to bathe. There are also Bluetooth speakers attacked with the smart showers. The speaker is connected wirelessly to the smartphone and it also allows to take a call at that time.

So this is used to increase the space of your bathroom as well as to give it a new and latest look. If your bathroom is small it will be the best way to look it spacious. The smart shower give you comfort from being irritated by the water temperature. The three light systems also make it easy to understand for the children too. Red light means warm water, white light means normal water, and blue light means cold water. Try lesson shower room to give your bathroom a new look.

  • Keep Some plants In The Bathroom: Plants indeed freshen up our minds and body both. It can change our mood too. If we keep some plants in our bathroom they will not only smarten up our bathroom but also add more life to our bathroom. You can plant a lucky bamboo plant that needs a low light to survive. You may also Plant Begonia Plant which survives in indoor areas of our house.
  • Open Shower Space: If there is a door in your shower area, remove it immediately to give it a new and modern look. Instead of a door, decorate it with curtains which increases the shower space. But you should keep in mind that Your bathroom remains splash-free. It will surely smarten your bathroom.
  • Voice Control In The Bathroom: Most Americans who have a broadband connection in their homes use digital assistants. The three digital assistants Alexa, Google Siri, and Google Assistant attract most people. If you use these digital assistants in your bathroom you do not need any specific devices.

You can control the smart light by using the echo device and also you can control the voice without getting worried about the phone to wet at the time of searching for music while sitting in a tub or being complete wet during bathing. Hence, using these digital assistants in your bathroom are not only helpful but also very stylish to smarten up your bathroom.


Many people think that if we want to smart up our bathroom it will be expensive which is not possible to afford. But you can not imagine that only a few changes are needed to modernize your bathroom which is very reasonable. Also if you add smart technology in your bathroom it will reduce water wastage, improve safety issues, and increase cleanliness. You do not have to give effort for these works.

Though using smart technology in the bathroom has not been popular still now. But it should be applied as soon as possible. Lesso shower room will help you to smarten up your bathroom.