How do Air Conditioners Work?

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How air conditioners work is still an enigma for most people. Have you ever found yourself wondering how air conditioning brings in cool air? Does the air come from the outside? Is it the fresh air? There are many parts to air conditioners, among which there are some outdoors while others are indoors. So if you want to know more about AC units and how they function, then read on.

How air conditioners work

Your AC unit has two parts: the outdoor portion and the other is the indoor portion. Both the portions are connected through metal loops, usually copper. These are filled with a refrigerant. And this gas or liquid refrigerant is the only thing moving through them. The air is not mixing at all.

Inside air remains inside, and outside air remains outside. Moreover, there’s a filter that prevents dust, dirt, pollen from moving in with the air, while some units come with  technology that kills bacteria.

So the main purpose of AC is to provide cool air by pumping the heat outside. The refrigerant takes in the heat from the warm air inside the house. This heat moves from the hotter to the colder region of the refrigerant to the outdoor portion and, in the end, is expelled outside.

Once the heat is released, the refrigerant once again becomes cold and moves back into the indoor portion where the evaporator has a low pressure, which causes it to expand and become cold. So when the air from the fan hits the cold fluid, it also gets cold and then enters your homes as cool air. And at the same time, the heat from the air gets transferred to the refrigerant, which then again moves the heat to the outside unit, and thus the cycle repeats itself.

How to make fresh air circulate in your homes?

Prevent air loss

Ensure that the air circulating in your homes through the AC unit is free of contaminants like smoke, viruses, bacteria, and other allergens. Try to prevent cold air loss so that you can have clean and good quality air circulating in your house if not fresh.

Go for HVAC System

This system is more than just an AC unit. Since HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, so you will get a duct for AC and another duct for ventilation. This system can most commonly be seen with central systems.

Use your windows

Lastly, open your windows once in a while to prevent the buildup of contaminated and stale air and bring in cleaner air.

Moreover, these tips will not reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC unit. They will reduce the AC load by removing hot air and keeping cooler and fresher air inside. So you can benefit from both A/C units and fresh air easily.

Final Thoughts!!

AC units are very helpful. They help prevent the buildup of dust, mold, pollen, and other contaminants. And provide you with good air quality. So you can get the help of a certified technician to ensure that your AC is working properly and not spreading contaminants. Benefit from AC units, and on other days, you can utilize the tips above to get fresher air to circulate in your homes.