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These days, wooden windows are beginning to return to apartments and houses. Despite the advantages of PVC windows, one can single out their main drawback – plastic ones do not let air through at all, which does not have a positive effect on the air in the house and the health of residents. Modern wooden windows are made in such a way that you can easily put the same double-glazed glass or triple-glazed one in them, and they serve no less than plastic ones. It is also worth highlighting the advantages of windows made of natural wood. Among other things are their environmental friendliness and beautiful and very presentable appearance, which gives the dwelling a special charm.

Sometimes, it is difficult to independently calculate the windows replace cost. Moreover, there are situations when the replacement needs to be done very urgently, and specialists are not available in such a short time. In these cases, you can try to install the window yourself.

First of all, you need to get rid of the old window. To do this, you first clear the room of furniture and appliances. Then, you need to cover the floor with a film, polyethylene, or plywood sheets. Next, you need to perform control measurements of the opening and the finished window, and, only after that, proceed with dismantling. This work must be done as carefully as possible to avoid damaging the opening, which then must be cleaned of construction debris and dirt.

Window installation involves the following steps:

Fixing the frame – holes are drilled along the perimeter of the frame, after which the window is installed in the opening. To maintain a clear vertical and horizontal, the work must be carried out with reconciliation by level. The window is fixed in the opening with construction dowels.

Seam sealing – the seam is closed with mounting foam, and from the outside, it is sealed with vapor-permeable tape to prevent moisture from penetrating.

Installation of additional elements: window sill, sloped exterior sill, and others.

Window adjustment – after installation, the sashes should be checked for smooth opening and closing and, if necessary, regulated.

Windows can be installed at any time, including in winter, if the temperature outside is not lower than -15 degrees Celsius. As practice shows, window installation takes at least two hours. Also, the installation of a wooden window sill has its nuances. During the installation process, it is necessary to take into account the fixation, which is carried out with the help of self-tapping screws and nails by driving nails in the lower part of the frame. The space under the window sill must be filled with cement mortar, mineral wool, or mounting foam.

Even a slightly experienced person can insert wooden windows on their own and with high quality. The main thing is to follow the basic rules and move step by step, without a hurry, so as not to miss important details. Various YouTube tutorials and advice from experienced neighbors will also come in handy.





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