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Take A Breather: 5 Tips To Improve Your Office’s Indoor Air Quality

It is no secret that we are in the middle of a severe climate crisis. We’re all aware that the level of air pollution has been rising day after day, and there’s very little we are doing to stop it.

When you think of air pollution, you have this mental image of smoke rising from chimneys, people coughing their lungs out, and the entire environment is drenched in a greyish sheen. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It might surprise you to know that the inside of commercial agencies and offices might even be more polluted than the air outside.

To curb this problem, we have enlisted five ways to de-pollute or improve the Indoor Air Quality of your commercial buildings.

Have a look.

1. Let Natural Air In

There is no debating the fact that natural air is the best cleaner of Indoor air. So open up all the windows in your office as and when the weather permits. Doing this will keep the air inside your office fresh and will enable circulation.

Natural sunlight will make the air more refreshing and healthy. Therefore, it would be best if you turn to natural ventilation channels. These often include:

  • Blinds on your windows to let the air in from time to time
  • Regularly keeping your windows and door open

2. Plant Some Indoor Plants

Plants are undoubtedly one of the best air purifiers. So if you find yourself struggling to improve the indoor air quality of your commercial building, planting some indoor plants is your best option.

Small house plants absorb toxins from the air, thus cleaning up your air supply in the building. In addition, they also add more life to your building and make up for amazing companions. Some of the indoor plants you can plant in your building include:

  • Garden Mum
  • Dracaena
  • Spider Plant

If you plant these plants in your building, you need to be careful of mold growing in and around them. Plants that are watered frequently tend to get infested with molds.

3. Air Purifiers – The Ultimate Saviors

These days, many commercial buildings have air purifiers installed in their offices. These air purifiers do a thorough job cleaning up the air by filtering out the toxins and contaminants in the air.

The only slight drawback of air purifiers is that they do an ultimate job filtering out particles in the air. But, they do not remove gaseous toxins or any other chemicals. For that purpose, you will need to install activated carbon fibers in your offices.

It is crucial to understand; air purifiers require maintenance too. Therefore, to ensure the proper and long-lasting functioning of the air purifiers, it is mandatory to clean or replace their filters from time to time.

4. Ban Smoking Inside Office Rooms

It is no secret that smoking cigarettes is harmful to health. In fact, passive inhalation of cigarette smoke is far more dangerous. Yes, we mean the non-smokers. It can lead to multiple problems like lung cancer, ear infections, and breathing problems.

Hence, it is important to prohibit or at least restrict smoking in the office area to preserve the health of everyone.

5. Clean Your Building’s Air Ducts Regularly

When the air ducts in your office are not cleaned for a long time, they tend to accumulate debris, dust particles, and other harmful toxins inside them. As if that is not enough, they might also become home to rodents and other creepy-crawlies.

To prevent this issue from escalating, ensure that you take proper care of your ducting and ventilators. First, keep them clean and sanitized. Consider consulting with your restoration contractor about the air duct cleaning if you’re renovating your building.

Final Word

Following the pointers mentioned in the article religiously is sure to make the indoor air quality of your commercial building improve like never before. No wonder, in the long run, it’ll let you bid goodbye to sick-employee leaves and make your office space cleaner and healthier.

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