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Long Island is a beautiful place to live. One of the most sought-after boroughs of New York, the location is popular with families and persons who work in the city. Maintaining a home in Long Island is just as with anywhere and requires repairs and replacement to those parts of a house that have a limited lifespan.

Houses and all buildings are at the mercy of the weather. Not only does the rain and wind cause damage to the external fixtures and fittings of a building, but the sun can also help age woodwork, for example. If you live in a home that is an older property, you may be seeing your woodwork begin to look weathered and aged, especially your external doors, windows, and other woodwork fittings.

This is when you need to consider having new exterior doors fitted to your home. The problem is, who do you get to fit them, and what type of doors do you choose? Long Island is home to several door and window companies, and we always suggest you should get a quote from more than one. Let’s talk about when you need new exterior doors and why you may choose to replace wooden doors with vinyl examples.

Why You Might Need New Exterior Doors

If you want an idea of the services offered by a reputable door and window company in Long Island, then we recommend you check out as they provide all the services and solutions you might need for your home. They have a reputation for great service at sensible rates and come recommended. You may want to start by getting a quote from them, then get a price from a couple of other providers to compare.

So, why might you be looking to have new doors fitted to the exterior of your home? Age takes its toll on wooden doors, and even earlier, uPVC doors need replacing as the seals are perishable. It’s always sensible to replace all the doors at once as they will generally wear evenly, but it may be that you have suffered a break-in – for example – and now have a damaged door that is beyond repair.

Let’s talk now about why vinyl doors are becoming the choice for Long Island homeowners and why this material is perhaps the one to choose when replacing external doors.

Vinyl or Wood?

Wood is a beautiful material. It comes in a wide variety of types, with many different colors and finishes. However, even when correctly protected, it is also a consumable material. Wood on the exterior of a house takes the worst of the weather. Over the years, it will be susceptible to dampness or may dry out in the sun. It cracks and expands, and your doors become misaligned and difficult to open and close. This is not just an irritation but also a security problem.

Vinyl doors of the modern type are far more durable than traditional wooden examples. They are also stronger and more difficult to break into. Vinyl doors come with advanced locks and security features that your home insurance company will appreciate, so you may find that you get a lower quote for your contents insurance if you replace doors with modern vinyl examples. But what do they look like, and can you get them to fit within the style of your home? Let’s talk a little more about the different types of external doors of the modern variety.

Many Styles to Choose From

The choice of styles of vinyl doors is impressive, and as they are made to order, you can get custom-made doors to fit the style of your home. You can also get them made in a range of colors, something not available with earlier uPVC doors and windows. This customization option is a bonus if you want to keep the look of your home while adding new windows and doors and also increasing protection.

A company such as the one we mentioned will offer you a massive choice of doors in different styles and with detailed finishes so that you can choose to fit. The added advantage of double or triple glazing makes even more sense when you consider the weather we put up within Long Island. So, where do you start looking for the ideal Long Island external door installation experts?

Professional Installation

Always look for a door company that can show you examples of their work. We’ve already suggested one such company, and it is wise to find a couple more that are recommended. Ask around friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors for recommendations, and always keep your choice local for the best price and workmanship.

One advantage of having new doors fitted – and you might want to think about new windows at the same time to match the doors – is that should you decide to sell your home, the new doors will not only make it a more attractive choice for a buyer, but they will also add value to the property. A home with new, secure, and stylish doors and windows will be easier to sell than one that has wooden doors that will need replacing before long.

One final word of advice: don’t automatically choose the service provider with the lowest price. Look for the one that gives you the best attention and information and the most professional approach. They may be the ones with the lowest rates, but if not, take your other quotes to them and see if they can meet or get closer to the lower offer. You have nothing to lose in trying!


New exterior doors are something that you will have to invest in should you live in an older home on Long Island, and the most up-to-date vinyl examples will always be the best choice. Stylish, secure, and made to measure, these doors will last many decades if looked after correctly and will never need repainting as your wooden doors frequently do.