Interior design trends for 2022 and beyond

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Like fashions in clothing, fads in interior design can come and go. From feng shui to farmhouse kitchens, trends arrive and some of them stick around to become valuable aspects of day-to-day living. Of course, interior design is a highly personal decision, but knowing what experts are predicting will make an impact can be useful when making choices that you may have to live with for many years to come.

Influenced by the amount of time many of us spent at home during the pandemic, one of the top trends for interior design in 2022 is creating harmony in the home. The idea is to have a positive effect on well-being. Interior design can affect the energy or feel of a room, and many designers have reported that people are looking for more warmth and comfort in their homes, which could prompt a desire for earthy hues such as terracotta.

Have fun with textures and patterns

Other designers are recommending playing with texture and pattern, such as combining a patterned wallpaper with a brick or wood floor. A unique floor that has its own form, such as a chevron or herringbone pattern is a good pairing. Other designers recommend mixing textures, such as rugs with tongue and groove woodwork, interesting textile curtains and highlighting the results with dramatic lighting.

Another popular design movement is the maximalist trend. This is all about bringing pops of colour, bold silhouettes and theatrical shapes together for a lively feel enhanced by layering eclectic prints and textures. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, this effect can be achieved in a more subtle way by using statement upholstery and occasional chairs to contrast with a more subdued backdrop.

Another emerging trend is the monochromatic design scheme. Using this technique can inject a quirky charm into your surroundings while playing with the concept of minimalism. Chocolate is a popular colour for experimenting with monochromatic interiors, but this is a trend you could apply to any colour that will complement your home. White-on-white monochromatic minimalism has been popular for a long time and will probably continue to be fashionable, but this is not always the easiest colour scheme to live with and can be impractical if there are children and pets in your household.

One way to execute the monochrome look is to create a room centred on a base colour and then introduce a contrasting element to add drama. For example, add a brown leather sofa to a blue room. Pops of colour work well when used sparingly. A good place to start with monochrome design is to visualise your palette and look at the room from the ground up. Note what hues are present in the floor, walls and ceiling and then work from there.

Make the space your own

One thing to remember with interior decor is that this is your space. The decor should reflect your taste and style. It should be comfortable and appealing to you. Interior design can embrace current trends while being distinctively yours. One easy way of doing that is to hang art on your walls. With an art and light hanging system, you can easily display photographs, memorabilia and pictures that hold meaning to you in an attractive display.

Artworks and photos can be hung in a variety of ways and can be grouped according to a visual theme, such as a collection focused on black and white photography. Or the images could be given cohesion by frames of certain sizes, colours or styles. Wall art doesn’t need to be expensive. It can make a lasting impact when you use your imagination to curate displays that are not only visually attractive but have deep significance for you and your family.

Plan for practical living

One useful principle to bear in mind is that form should generally follow function. You could choose some fabulous items for a room, but if they don’t suit the space, then these items just won’t be appropriate — no matter how much you like them. An important first step is to think about the room and how it will be used before considering colour schemes.

Spark joy

As Marie Kondo, the decluttering expert, said, your environment should bring you joy. When looking at current design trends there may be some that resonate with you more than others. It’s your choice to decide what works for you. If you bear joy in mind when thinking about your own interior design, along with balancing the needs of people using a room and the space itself, then you should be able to create a stunning environment that will inspire all who spend time in it.