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More people than ever are choosing to go on to do further education at university in the United States, which means that the demand for housing has increased significantly over the past decade. A lot of the famous universities in the United States are located in large cities that already have a dense population. For this reason, Universities have come up with innovative ideas to create appropriate housing for students. Below we will go through some of the most attractive investments in student accommodation undertaken by Universities in the United States.

The rise of sustainability

Sustainability has become extremely important in recent years to protect the environment in which we live and breathe. There have been many initiatives to reduce the amount of harm that humans cause to the environment through things like pollution. Universities have played a key role in promoting the importance of sustainability and extended their efforts into providing student accommodation that is more eco-friendly by creating housing with technology that improves energy efficiency as well as other things such as systems to conserve water and solar panels.

Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also a lot cheaper for students when paying bills. You can find all of the housing options in the area you are interested in living in with a simple search. If, for example, you want to live in Koreatown in Los Angeles, then you can search for apartments for rent in Koreatown, and you will be shown all available housing in that area. You will also be able to filter your search for things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to find somewhere that fits your preferences.

Partnerships with privately-owned accommodation

Due to the rising demand for accommodation for students, some universities have decided to partner up with housing that is privately owned. This partnership aims to increase access to affordable housing for students by widening the availability of privately owned housing partly owned by universities, who can control things like prices more easily. The University of Southern California is one of the best examples of an institution that has done this successfully. They have created a student village with private and university-owned housing in the same area, creating a fantastic community of like-minded students.

Housing integration

Because there is such a high demand for housing, especially in dense cities in areas where universities are located, there has been some concern that more buildings should be used for student housing. Some universities have taken a unique approach which has paid off considerably by integrating student housing alongside spaces for dining and things like retail and recreational areas. This has helped create a suitable environment for students to enjoy their time at university as they can easily socialize during their time off and participate in fun activities, which is an integral part of the university experience.

One of the best examples of this innovative idea working is at the University of Minnesota, where one of the neighborhoods has seen a dramatic transformation in recent years and is now filled with new student housing, which sits next to various restaurants, shops, and venues for entertainment.

Repurposing of historic buildings

In cities with little space to build new housing, one of the best ways to create more housing for students is to repurpose old historic buildings that no longer serve much of a function. This is a great way to maintain old buildings with a lot of rich history while giving them an essential purpose which is valuable for students who need somewhere to live at university. The Cleveland Tower located at Princeton University is a fantastic example of just how effective this method of creating student housing can be. It also allows students to live in housing that is likely different from what they are used to, which adds to the unique experience of being a student.

Universities in the United States have been faced with a worsening issue of finding accommodation for the growing population of students that increases with every academic year. However, there have been several impressive strategies to improve the accessibility of accommodation for students, which have proved highly successful. As time passes, more innovative ideas will likely be used so students can access appropriate housing during their time at university to have the best experience possible.