Is teak outdoor furniture safe in the winter?

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As we begin to move away from the summer and into the winter, it is time to start considering packing away your outdoor furniture. Some furniture that you have outside is likely to be unsuitable for wet, cold weather. With that in mind, you should take stock of your furniture options and what can and cannot be kept outdoors. For example, have you invested in any teak outdoor furniture? If so, you might want to find out how suitable it is for being left outdoors.

When bought from the right places, such as Teak HQ, you can find that teak furniture is excellent for your outdoor area. Teak is regarded as among the most durable woods that can be used for outdoor furniture. It is designed to be suitable for generations of usage and can handle a versatile range of climates. Your teak furniture should be as suitable for use in stormy rain as it is on a sunny day.

A large part of this stems from the fact that teak furniture has a high content of rubber and oil within the teak. This means that it is likely to be suitable for rough weather, winds, and rain without it rotting or being damaged. Indeed, teak also wins out because it is unsuitable for pests. Other wooden furniture outdoors might become food for pests and insects or a victim of rot from the dampness and the poor weather. Teak, by contrast, is durable and highly unlikely to warp, become damaged, or lose its luster.

Teak also is naturally durable and is unlikely to face problems like splintering, twisting, or warping in poor weather. So, if you are worried about using teak furniture outdoors, you do not have to. While other pieces of furniture need to be put away during the winter, teak is something that can stay out all year long.

How much maintenance does my teak outdoor furnishing need?

Another wonderful benefit of using teak is that it tends to last for much longer without maintenance. Other forms of wood need to be painted, treated, and given other regular treatments to keep them from losing their shine. Teak, though, needs nothing done to it. It starts off with a rich, golden hue; over time, though, it will become a more silver color. This helps you to know that the teak has changed over time, but this is not a sign that your teak needs to be treated or cared for in some specific way.

The length of time it takes for the color to change will be determined by the amount of time your teak spends in the sun. If you leave teak furniture out all the time, then it will probably change in color sooner. However, that is all; you do not have to get the varnish out or do anything in particular with your furniture.

With that in mind, then, you do not have to do anything specific to care for or prepare teak for a change in the weather. You might pay more per product when it comes to teak, but it will be worth it if you want a self-regulating, easily manageable outdoor furniture set.