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A Modern kitchen is no longer simply a utility where one prepares food, it instead speaks of elegant taste, convenience and space for one to not only cook but also entertain. Along with the fitted kitchens come quality tiling, sinks, appliances and cabinets to complete the look.

The kitchen is one if not the most important room in any home. It is truly the heart of the home, everyone wants a beautiful, functional place where the family can gather and enjoy each other’s company.  Kitchens have become places where an array of activities takes place apart from the traditional cooking. The society has also evolved to a point where man is more attracted to things that will assure them of comfort, tranquility, efficiency, affordability and also style.

In Africa today, a housing boom has fueled the demand for home furniture and fittings and kitchens are no exception to the trend. Across the continent as the middle income group has expanded, it has brought with it demand for better quality in both housing and house fixtures heralding the introduction of fitted kitchens.

From South Africa to Nigeria and Kenya developers have been putting up well appointed housing estates literally overnight with home prices topping US$1million, this can attest to the changing tastes of today’s homebuyers.

Gone are the kitchens of days past when all that was required was a stove, pantry, fridge and sink. The discerning homemaker today as well as modern kitchen operator wants style, quality and convenience all wrapped into one. Fitted kitchens address these demands and they have become more the norm rather than the exception.

In case you are thinking revamp, functional space is key. You should go for a design that works well for you. Consider carefully where to place various appliances such as the refrigerator, cooker and microwave. The design you settle for should give you enough room to cook, eat and entertain.

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A good modern kitchen design should also give you enough storage space for your pans, utensil and other small appliances. Your kitchen space should also look appealing to your guests and you can simply achieve this by employing clever use of colors which will go a long way in creating a favorable ambience.

You should also consider the cost. Always go for a design that will fit your budget. Engaging a professional kitchen designer, such as Renovation Capital, will help you achieve a desired design which is within your budget.

There are many kitchens layouts which can accommodate any available space. So if you have a small space you need not worry as even a small space can have spacious storage with a nice flow. For instance for small spaces, always think vertical designs and L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen with a large center island for larger layouts. To achieve a design that will see you have enough room to store all your utensils and other small appliances, maximize space by using every square inch of space available.

The kitchen, from time immemorial, has been considered the heart of the home. It is from there that food the most essential need of life is prepared. This is the reason adequate attention needs to be placed on fittings used in the kitchen.

We need to look beyond beautiful kitchen furnishings that are ephemeral and focus on durable furnishings that will give the cook-room the endearing effect.