Outdoor Remodeling Time: Turn Your Garden into Party Central

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It doesn’t matter which time of the year it is, grilling and chilling with your family and friends is always a great thing. As a party host, it is your job to take things under control and organize everything. Since you’re going to be throwing a garden party, you might as well have a few free tips and advice on how to remodel the outdoor space to make it happen. Listed below are the things you should take into consideration before renovating your backyard into a party central.

Start from the basics

Every backyard has to have a theme. Whether it is a simple grilling and chilling area, or a cocktail zone, you have to choose a theme and set everything up accordingly. Lay the foundations by creating a sitting area under your patio; throw a few rugs and bring out your furniture pieces. Make sure everything is properly arranged so that there is enough sitting room and free space for moving around. Don’t overcrowd the space by bringing kitchen chairs and the table outside; instead, place your food and drinks on a dedicated table and keep it away from the “dance floor” and the grill area. 

Divide the areas

Every party space has to have a few areas: cooking area, dining area, outdoor/free space. You have to divide your garden space into these areas and set up each of them accordingly. If kids are coming to your party, you will have to create a play area to keep the kids busy. There are plenty of things you can do to divide the space like hanging up the hammock, laying down the carpet, putting a few lazy bags and adding some tall planters. Having separate areas will make your space look and feel more coherent. 

Install immersive entertainment experience

What’s a party without entertainment? Well, you can easily give your guests plenty of fun with some great visuals and sound elements. Today, you can find handy and innovative outdoor entertainment from LED TVs to outdoor soundbars that will make your dance parties and football-watching events super special. Get a practical mount for the wall and you’re ready to host all sorts of events that will wow your guests. 

Provide the proper lighting

It is very important that your space is properly illuminated so that if your party goes into the night, your guests can still enjoy it and have fun. You can create custom lighting around the house, by using old lanterns. Some string lights are always a good idea since they are cheap, easy to put up and create a magical look and feel. Make the night special and let your guests enjoy the party, without having to worry about the cover of the night.

Protect the guests from the element

Your outdoor area needs to be safe and comfortable no matter the weather. Unless you’re okay with a sudden downpour ruining your party, you need to provide some cover. Awnings and pergolas are always an elegant solution, but if you want to take a cheaper and more practical route, you can check out shade sails. These offer good protection from both the sun and the rain, plus they look super modern and chic. 

Create an outdoor bar

There’s no better way to bring the party to your backyard than to make an outdoor bar. If you have an outdoor shed you never use, consider transforming it onto a cute little bar that will be a practical place for your friends and family to gather, grab a drink and share a laugh. 

Building a good outdoor party space is not easy. It requires thorough planning and incredible organizing skills. Use these tips to turn your garden into a party central and get everyone talking about it for months.