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2024 is another year that has ensured everyone stays at home due to the pandemic. This has given the homeowners enough time to find out how to go about making changes in their homes so it is more comfortable and also convenient. They have planned the upgrades according to their budget and this has worked well so far.

The trend is to ensure that personal space can be converted into a virtual class or probably, a work place or even a safe place to entertain guests.

  1. Safety Inside Out

Staying at home for 24 hours a day has led many homeowners the importance of the safety factor. There are chances of the anti-microbial tile or the HVAC units that provide air filtration of the total house to get common.

There are a number of families that have two to three generations staying under one roof. This means, they need to ensure that the elderly live a comfortable life with changes made. You can expect certain changes like grab bars, roll in showers and nonslip flooring in different houses now.

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  1. Sustainability

As known, the weather is getting more unpredictable with each passing day and there are more people getting conscious of the environment. They are now looking for sustainable techniques and products that are friendly to the environment.

You can expect to see repurposed flooring in the interiors. Landscapes will now, not only beautify the exteriors but also protect from floods and wildfire. There is a demand for sustainable options like cork or bamboo.

  1. Rooms Multi-functional

With children attending school virtually and adults working from home, you find many people struggling for study space or work at home. This ‘multi-functional’ room is one trend you can look forward to in 2022. There are rooms that are study rooms as well as work places. These rooms have central charging systems along with seating and Zoom setups.

Kitchen islands are not only breakfast places but also classrooms. This works well as you find an increase of value in your property.

  1. Bathroom Spa

With the ongoing circumstances, it does get frustrating to spend all your time with family, without any ‘private’ time. Those looking for that extra space can plan on adding some additional space to your bathroom.

Ensure that the changes are not only practical but also luxurious. This can include bathroom cabinets, in-built storage systems, bathroom lighting, deep vessel sinks and more.

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  1. Spaces Outdoors

The demand for outdoor space has increased during this pandemic as you have to ensure social distancing for all your get-togethers. Homeowners are planning on outdoor kitchens, decks or patios.

Besides which there is an increase in gardening as most are staying at home and have ample amount of time.

  1. Go Retro

Many industries faced a shortage of supplies in 2021. This included home improvement as well. There was a shortage of specific pieces of furniture or even paint colors. This has led many homeowners opting for the ‘retro’ style.

For that vintage feel you need to visit yard sales, local flea markets and also antique stores. You have a choice of pieces that have been upholstered or one-of-a-kind pieces available here. These work out cost effective as these costs only a small fraction of what you will pay for something new.

  1. Transitional Rooms

With a lot of space in the outdoors, you can plan on transitioning a small part back into the house. This is where this can work out to be a handy space. You can use these ‘mud rooms’ with storage for coats or shoes, washing stations for pets, or probably showers. You can plan on shade structures. Awnings can make an outdoor space feel more connected.

This can also be a landing spot for any deliveries. This totally depends on the location of this room.

  1. Kitchen Configurations

A kitchen turned into a multi-purpose room is the ongoing trend presently. Many homeowners opt for two kitchen islands, one is for work, school and everything else and the second one is for preparing food and entertaining.

As known, kitchen renovations are a definite ROI (Return on Investment), but a kitchen with two islands upgrades the kitchen to high-end territory from mid-range kitchen.

  1. Storage

The many benefits of de-cluttering a home are now a well known fact. Most people believe in minimalism and have been following this since a long time. A good storage works well for all that you do not use on a daily basis but want to keep it due to, probably, sentimental reasons.

Appliances garages, kitchen cabinets with shelves that can be pulled out, or cabinets in the bathroom to manage the hair care tools can work wonders for a home. You can also plan on drawers for storage under the bed.

  1. Home Office

Home offices have been popular since a long time, but have gained importance during this pandemic. An ideal scenario for working from home is to have space that can be locked and a dedicated phone line. This trend will, for sure, will lead to empty spaces or spare bedrooms being transferred into a home office.

Converting a room into a home office is important as most people are not able to work in a casual atmosphere. The aesthetics and layout of a room does affect the productivity and energy of an individual. A working space is designed specifically to maximize the motivation and concentration along with productivity.

Finally, it is goodbye to the flat finish of dry wall. There has been an explosion of faux finish as this is not only beautiful to the feel but also comfortable to the pocket.

Warm tones are here and this stays for a long time. Homeowners are, now, more savvy with the interiors and are in no mood for any compromises.