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The real estate market is one of the most competitive and requires agents to be constantly in sync with the latest innovations in digital advertising and marketing. So what helps to sell property in 2023? Embracing 3D technology, virtual reality, and CGI animations is key to attracting high-quality leads, closing the listing faster, and doubling up your sales.

Read on to find out how 3D Fly-through Animation for Real Estate helps agencies transform their marketing strategies and stay on top of the industry.

3D fly-through animations show buyers more information than the stills

It’s difficult to judge the property by just looking at the 2D image or a photo, trying to understand the layout, room dimensions, or functionality of the place. 3D fly-through animation tackles those pain points for buyers providing an interactive and informative virtual tour of the house, resort, or apartment. 3D animations can reduce the number of meetings for in-person tours with buyers who are just window-shopping and help agents connect with serious prospects. Introducing 3D fly-throughs in real estate marketing and advertisement helps realtors build better communication with the audience. Buyers can get a better sense of the use of space and flow in the property, find the answer to some common questions, and understand if they want to follow up with exploring further the featured listing.

Showcase the future outcomes before the building starts.

Off-plan sales, where buyers purchase property in the construction phase, require creative and innovative marketing. By adding 3D fly-through animation in the realtor toolbox, real estate agencies can create a life-like experience with ultra-realistic visualizations of the future living space. Computer-generated images and multimedia elements used for 3D animation tours are widely used in commercial and residential real estate marketing, allowing buyers and investors to see the project’s full potential, how it fits in the surroundings and landscape, and how life will feel. Adopting 3D tools can help agencies to build excitement and anticipation, boosting buyers’ desire to buy and increasing the likelihood of early-stage purchases.

Connect the property to buyers’ emotions.

The oldest trick in the realtor book is making the property feel more welcoming with cozy elements, like freshly baked cookies, scented candles, or fluffy cushions. It’s done to evoke the emotions of potential buyers and help them imagine the life they can have in the house. However, who said you could not apply the same trick to 3D animations and virtual tours? The 3D designers include various personalized elements to the animation according to the lifestyle you’re trying to sell to achieve your marketing efforts. It can be a steaming cup of coffee next to the open book, the change of lighting during the day to highlight how the space feels in the morning and the sunset, or narration and soundtrack to match the footage that helps to paint the picture. All those tricks can help realtors connect on a deeper, emotional level with potential prospects. In the end, you’re not only selling the house, but you also sell a new chapter of life for someone and their loved ones.

Highlight the property’s best features and functionality

3D fly-through animation can help real estate agents to bring focus on unique features and showcase the property’s functionality. Is there a fireplace, French-style doors from the dining room, a hidden pantry, or a secret entrance to the pool? Draw attention to the mind-blowing features to raise your engagement. 3D animation lets the buyers see how the walk-in closest feels in real life or the purposes of that multi-function living room furniture. Embracing such elements in the 3D fly-through tour allows the realtors to add personality to the property, stimulating the desire to buy.

Visualize the future property in the context and environment.

Another aspect the buyers or investors are interested in while looking for a property it’s how it fits in the neighborhood and surroundings. 3D designers can add real-life or CGI videos of the neighborhood and landscape to let potential buyers see the location, proximity to amenities, street views, and unique natural features, such as mountains, beaches, or a forest.  Showcasing property in the context gives viewers a clear understanding of the house and helps them picture the life they can potentially live without even visiting the place in person.

Improve social media engagement rates with interactive 3D fly-throughs

Ignoring social media platforms for real estate advertisement is a fool’s move. Increasing social media presence and brand awareness through video content is an essential tool for modern realtors. Interactive and engaging 3D fly-through animation can help your business to make a break-though, raise discoverability, and generate new high-quality leads. Improving agency exposure leads to higher sales numbers and expanding your clientele or even business outreach. Embracing the innovative 3D technology for out-of-this-world fly-throughs and virtual animations gives real estate companies a competitive edge on the market, bringing them to the list of top service providers in the area.

The bottom line

It’s safe to say that 3D fly-through animation is a necessary tool for commercial and residential realtors that aim to become the leaders of the industry. The benefits of implementing such technology are countless, starting from improved efficiency, increased sales and profit, better communication with a potential buyer, and raised business awareness on social media and web platforms.

The last question is how to create a high-quality immersive experience with 3D fly-through animation. The answer is simple: find a digital agency with talented 3D designers who are ready to revolutionize the real estate industry with you. Trust professionals to get the real deal and not an ineffective copycat. Don’t know where to start. Explore digital so utions from Visengine to start emerging the reality with the virtual fantasy and getting more and more buyers on the hook!