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Roofs are an integral part of any Melbourne property. Ensuring that yours remains in good condition is critical to the structural integrity and overall wellbeing of your property. Melbourne Roof Restoration provides a range of services to help with roof maintenance and repair. From roof pressure washing to re-roofing and guttering replacements – Melbourne Roof Restoration can do it all!

Today, Melbourne Roof Restoration offers some expert tips for property owners considering roof repairs or restoration.

Let’s dive in!

What are the benefits of roof repairs & restoration?

There are many benefits to getting the experts in to carry out repairs and roof restoration work:

Pressure Washing & Gutter Cleaning

Pressure washing or power cleaning helps restore the appearance of roofs by removing dirt and moss that builds up over time. It also cleans off any unsightly stains caused by mould, algae and lichen – resulting in an overall fresher look for any exterior surface.

If left untreated, these areas will attract more debris which could start damaging other structural parts of your property.

Roof Repairs

Repairing damaged roof tiles or shingles or replacing missing ones can help avoid further damage occurring to your roof. Damaged or broken guttering and woodwork should also be repaired or replaced regularly to maintain the roof in perfect condition.

Roof Restoration

Sometimes a roof is beyond simple repairs and needs a comprehensive restoration or even replacement. Total roof restoration ensures your roof will be looking as good as new before you know it!

Roof restoration could also cover gutter replacements, plumbing and carpentry work.

Who should consider roof restoration & repairs

Every property owner needs to ensure that their roof is in good condition. But there are higher risks for property owners who live in Melbourne’s humid conditions.

The property owner should consider restoration or repairs if they notice water damage to the ceilings and walls of the property. Discolouration, crumbling bricks around chimneys, and missing/broken tiles on the rooftop are all indicators of neglect and potential roof problems.

Know the different types of roofing materials

You must consider your roof topography when choosing the right kind of material for your property.

Popular roofing materials in Melbourne include:

  • Cladding and tiles
  • Slate, shingle and shakes

Cladding is the Melbourne roofing material of choice for many homeowners. Cladding is durable, and it can withstand high winds speeds during Melbourne storms. Plus, the aesthetic appeal makes it desirable too!

Slate roofs are also durable – so much so, they’re often termed as ‘forever’ materials because they last forever if maintained properly. If you want a maintenance-free solution for your Melbourne roof, then this might be what you need. But slate roofs require steep-pitched slopes (or hips), which makes the installation more expensive than for other roofing systems.

Consider your budget and how much time you want to spend on repairs or maintenance

When it comes to budget, you may want to consider your time and investment in the future. To make a wise decision, you’ll need to know what materials go into roofing systems and how much they cost – for installation or replacement. For example, tiles are more durable than slates – but they require more maintenance because of their exposure to Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions.

Decide whether it is worth restoring your current roof rather than replacing it entirely.

Some roofs might be beyond repair. But there are restoration services that can restore certain parts without the need to replace the entire roof.

Be willing to make a long-term investment in your property’s exterior

Regular maintenance of the exterior reduces the probability of needing to replace your entire roof in the future by considerably extending its lifespan.

In the long term – a structurally sound roof and exterior contribute to a more reliable and profitable asset for any property owner.

Roof restoration can be an expensive process, but it is often worth the investment to restore your roof to its original condition. Yes, some roofs might prove too difficult or costly to repair. But professional roofing restoration services will ensure additional years of service while increasing the value of the property. Plus, a restored roof provides better insulation, which means better energy efficiency – and lower energy bills!

Ask for referrals from friends, family, neighbours, or coworkers

Maybe you know someone who has used a roof repair service or has had their roof replaced recently. Reach out, and ask if the person was happy with the service or if any aspect was less than satisfactory. Ask them what kind of work the contractor did for them and how satisfied they are with the overall experience.

Alternatively, do an internet search using relevant keywords such as “Melbourne roofing”, “Melbourne roofs”, etc.; this should bring up several results, which you can narrow down.

How to choose a reputable company for roof restoration & repair projects

Get a quote from a reputable contractor that has experience with various roofing materials. How do you know they are reputable? Read reviews online about previous customers, look at their testimonials and what kind of work they have done.

Some companies offer a free consultation to assess your property – do not hesitate to ask! If they don’t, it is best to find another company as it shows they simply cannot be bothered giving you an estimate. Not a good indicator!

Why is it best to have an experienced team on board for a roofing project

Experience counts a lot when it comes to roofing. Melbourne properties can experience extreme wear and tear over the years, so you want to make sure the roofing company is experienced enough to handle anything.

What can I expect during an inspection? During an initial inspection, the contractor will carefully inspect all aspects of the property. Once they finish noting details like damage or loose tiles/fascia boards, etc., they should listen to any comments you have about the roof.

Get an estimate from at least three contractors. Ask them what services they offer (depending on budget requirements). Discuss their experience with previous clients, learn more about warranties offered, etc. Also, don’t forget to check online reviews regarding contractor workmanship and customer service skills.

What are the costs associated with a new roof installation?

An obvious question, but the answer depends on the condition of an individual roof and the extent of any damage it may have sustained.

The cost of a new roof depends on the type and quality of material to be used. But the price generally ranges from $12.50 – $20.00 per square metre (sqm).

Before you decide…

Do not make any final decision until you have:

  • Verified the contractor’s experience with previous clients on similar projects.
  • Enquired about the client’s satisfaction post-completion.
  • Visited a property where the contractor carried out a roof restoration.
  • Checked the contractor provides insurance cover during worksite operations to cover any accidental damage to your property.

The key to a successful roof restoration is understanding the materials and construction of your roof, making an informed decision about what needs to be repaired or replaced.