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Turkey is a country that offers a very attractive cost of living and real estate, developed infrastructure and well-established transport links even in small towns, a mild climate, ease of obtaining a visa, and residence permit. What locations to pay attention to when choosing to buy Turkish Real Estate? What to expect? What to prepare for? Read in our article.

Turkish Real Estate Market During the Pandemic

Unlike other Mediterranean countries, Turkey did not keep its borders closed for a very long time in 2020. Those who wanted to come and buy Turkish Real Estate could do it already in summer. One fact: in July 2020, real estate sales increased by 198%. Of course, foreigners have made their contribution. To support the local buyers, the government went to a sharp reduction in mortgage rates.

Both developers and secondary owners make discounts reluctantly, maybe even less willingly than before. Especially if we are talking about inexpensive objects from €40,000 to €55,000. Developers can reduce the price by a maximum of 5% for a payment in cash if there is still a half to two years before the construction completion. Some developers neither offer discounts nor allow Turkish real estate agencies to make them.

Why Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey

  • A residence permit for Turkish real estate, regardless of the amount. You can either buy or rent a home for a year.
  • Favorable conditions for visitors. Property buyers can count on installments and mortgages, open a business in Turkey, taxes (including VAT) are much lower European levels.
  • Advantageous location. Lots of flights both to Europe and CIS countries.
  • Moderate real estate prices in comparison with European countries.
  • Affordable prices for food, utilities, entertainment, travel within the country.
  • Well-developed infrastructure.


Antalya is one of the most famous resorts in the south of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. It is also the center of the province of the same name. The city is comfortable and very picturesque, surrounded by the high ranges of the Taurus Mountains.

The climate here is mild. The tourist season lasts almost all year round. The resort area harmoniously combines with the old city, surrounded by a fortress wall, dominated by Roman and Seljuk buildings, old mosques and minarets, noisy eastern neighborhoods.

Antalya, Turkey. Source: Erik Karits

Transport and infrastructure. Antalya Airport is 10 km from the city center. The AntRay tram line goes through the central districts and the bus station, which operates from morning to late evening. It is a big city filled with historical sights and large shops, numerous cafes and restaurants, shopping centers. The city and the neighboring resort area of Lara account for 34 km of beach, but only 18 km are suitable for swimming. Nevertheless, in Antalya, there are beaches for every taste: pebble, sandy, and even on the rocks.

Development. One of the most significant advantages of Antalya is affordable Turkish real estate. You can find many offers in the old town, in new complexes, and in houses built a couple of decades ago. Prices for apartments start from €40,000, renting is also inexpensive.

The districts of Antalya and average prices

Name Average price, an apartment 1+1 Average price, an apartment 2+1 Average price, an apartment 3+1
Kundu From €40 000 From €55 000 From €65 000
Lara From €65 000 From €110 000 From €200 000
Center From €46 000 From €65 000 From €77 000
Konyaaltı From €60 000 From €80 000 From €100 000
Gürsu From €100 000 From €175 000 From €250 000
Kepez From €38 000 From €45 000 From €50 000



A 1+1 apartment in Konyaaltı right now costs €63,500. The contraction will be finished in 2022. Source:


Alanya was considered the largest Turkish resort on the Mediterranean coast until 2020. But, according to new statistics, the championship is lost to the neighboring Side. By area, Alanya is one of the largest regions in Antalya province with a population of about 300 thousand people.

The city is located in the south, at the foot of the rocky hill of the Taurus Mountains, and is surrounded by a large fortress wall. Alanya is considered a “German” resort because there are indeed more tourists from Germany here than at other resorts in the country. But the local population knows English well.

Alanya is one of the warmest regions of Turkey, thanks to which banana trees grow in the open ground, on which bananas ripen fully.



Alanya, Turkey. Source: Danskityrkiet

Transport. Alanya has an airport, but the most popular way to get to the resort is from Antalya airport. The distance between the cities is 120 km, there is a direct connection by bus.

Buses and minibuses run inside Alanya. You can easily get to remote resorts.

Infrastructure. Alanya is not as rich in historical sights as Antalya, but there are enough interesting places here. In addition to the old center, which is very pleasant to walk around, nature is very beautiful: sea caves and grottoes, Alanya gardens, Ataturk Park, beaches for every taste, lots of green places for walking, and numerous water activities. There is a water park for children.

In terms of everyday life, Alanya has everything you need: several supermarkets and shopping centers, open markets and branded clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, a well-developed service sector.

Development. There are enough offers in various complexes: from low-rise cozy houses to relatively high-rise complexes with private security, swimming pools, and other infrastructure. You can choose an apartment both in a quieter area and in a place where things are humming. There are a lot of options, real estate prices start from €30,000.


The third largest Mediterranean resort in Turkey after Side and Alanya, located right at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. It consists of several resorts (including Goynuke, Tekirova, Beldibi, Kirishe, Chamyuve), the total population is about 40 thousand people. There are no other sources of income other than tourism. The modest population of the territory is due to the fact that the main part of the region is occupied by mountains, unsuitable either for living or for agriculture.

From December to the beginning of November, tourists leave because there are no golf courses and SPA resorts in the settlement. Only climbers come here in winter.

Winter and summer are warm here, but humidity is high. In June-August, it reaches 60-65%.

Transport. You can go to Kemer by first arriving at Antalya airport. There are two ways from there: either first, take a shuttle to Antalya bus station, and from there – by regular bus to Kemer (about 40 km), or sail by ferry. The ferry runs from the old bay of Antalya twice a day.

It is quite possible to move around the city of Kemer on foot, but you can use a well-established transport communication between the districts. Even calling a taxi here is relatively inexpensive.

Infrastructure. Kemer has enough historical and natural attractions. There are several nightclubs, but life in the city is not very noisy. There are more than enough shops, supermarkets, cafes, markets, restaurants, and establishments from the service sector. There is an extreme water park for the brave ones and mountain ranges for hiking.

The length of the coastline in Kemer is 60 km, but about half is unsuitable for vacationers since it is solid rocks. Almost all the beaches are pebbly, or even stony. Only some hotels made sandy beaches.

Development of Turkish real estate. Mostly new, low-rise. Prices for apartments start from €40,000, but the choice is not as great as in neighboring resorts.

When choosing a place to live in Kemer, immediately choose which locations are important, because it is sometimes long and inconvenient to move between districts without a car. But if you plan to live most of the time in the city and get out to the water park and other interesting places only from time to time – this moment is not so critical.


It is located 35 km from Antalya, next to Side. Seven thousand people live in the village permanently. Belek is about a kilometer away from the coast, the beach is 20 km long, along with the beach there are several five-star hotels, followed by golf courses.

Belek is called the golf capital of Turkey. At the same time, it is famous as the most expensive and one of the largest SPA resorts in the country. The development began about 40 years ago, you will not find historical sights here. But the nature here is beautiful, and the climate is warm, much milder than in Antalya due to eucalyptus groves and pine forests.

Belek is perfect for vacations for families who do not count on a budget. High prices and underdeveloped infrastructure outside of hotels cause the absence of young people.

A residential complex in Belek. Prices for a villa here start at €125,000. Source:

Transport. The nearest airport is 33 km away in Antalya, from which you can get to Belek by bus or minibus. There are minibus taxis inside the village, which can take you to any town in Antalya province. Buses run to more remote locations.

Infrastructure. Belek is a resort town with a spacious green territory, clean air, and a lack of nightlife. Compared to other resort towns in Turkey, there are fewer cafes and restaurants, only two supermarkets, and several small outdoor markets.

Among the advantages of the village are magnificent well-groomed beaches with a gentle entrance and clean water, a huge selection of water and sports activities for children and adults. But the prices are generally higher than in other Turkish locations.

Building. Prices for new apartments start from €60,000. But it is worth considering the location because residential complexes are not close to the beach. The sea is at least 1.5 km away, and you have to pass the territories of hotels and golf clubs the get there, not to mention finding a free place on a public beach.