The Mistakes To Avoid During A Dryer Vent Cleaning in Vaughan

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A dryer vent can cause a serious fire hazard if not handled carefully. Homeowners may need to understand the common mistakes they commit during dryer vent cleaning Vaughan. Some mistakes may not always result in consequences, but the damage they cause is unbearable on fateful occasions.

It is always best to avoid mistakes rather than deal with the consequences. It is important as a homeowner to understand some common mistakes you may make when cleaning the vent dryer to avoid them. Check out some of the mistakes in dryer vent cleaning Vaughan to avoid them.

1. Working On The Appliance While Still Plugged

Most people have their vent dryer plugged in most of the time. Since they are used to having the dryer plugged in, they rarely remember to unplug it for the cleaning process. It is important to unplug the dryer from either the electricity source on the wall or cut off the gas supply if you use gas.

You risk getting an electric shock if you clean the dryer vent while it is plugged. In the worst situations, it may ignite a fire. Avoid shocks and fire hazards by simply unplugging the dryer from the power supply before you start cleaning.

If you work on the dryer vent while the gas supply is not cut, the gas leaks may not only ignite a fire but also harm your health when inhaled.

2. Using The Wrong Equipment

Using the right equipment is important for dryer vent cleaning Vaughan. A cleaning kit is usually available from local retailers or any store and is fairly affordable compared to their convenience.

You may also need a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt with ease. Using the right equipment simplifies the process and does not offer the expected or aimed cleanliness.

3. Cleaning A Long Vent By Yourself

As much as you can clean the vent yourself, it may not be the best decision to clean a long vent yourself. If your vent is too long, consider getting a professional other than going through the complicated process yourself.

4. Assuming The Importance Of Damage Inspection

You should take advantage of the convenience during the cleaning process and inspect the condition of the vent dryer. Most forms of damage are cracks and tears. Thoroughly inspect the surfaces to determine if you can see any damages that require attention.

Ignoring damages may cause bigger problems once you reconnect the dryer. Crack and tear issues can be sorted by sealing up, but when left unattended, they may cause much bigger issues like complete appliance failure. Attending to these issues also helps the vent dryer offer optimum performance.

5. Too Much Duct Bending

It is very common to bend the ducts to access all the corners. As much tempting as this may be, this is something that you need to avoid at all costs.

Bending the duct during the cleaning creates sharp turns, which are an issue once you reattach the duct to the dryer. The sharp bends may result in breakages, calling for expensive repairs or complete replacement in worse scenarios.

The sharp turns also create junctions for the accumulation of lint and debris. It is important to avoid bending the duct at all costs.

6. Using Duct Tape To Reattach

As much as the name may be confusing, duct tape is the last thing you may want to use to reattach. The duct tape corrodes once exposed to heat from the running dryer. Instead, it would help if you used tape that is not affected by heat, such as aluminum tape.

7. Assuming How Often You Need To Clean The Dryer Vent

Most people need help finding cleaning their vent dryer a significant role. Homeowners need to understand that cleaning the vent cleaner is an important maintenance measure.

Cleaning the dryer vent helps with dirt and lint removal and enhances the appliance’s optimal performance. You can regularly clean it yourself or hire an expert to handle the process.

8. Ignoring The Moisture Sensor

The vented dryer has a moisture sensor. You should ensure the sensor is clean for the normal performance of the dryer. You will need Cotton and alcohol to wipe this sensor, which will take a little time.