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Tips to turning a bathroom from functional into a high-end bathroom design

Although the bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in any home, this doesn’t mean there needs to be a compromise on making a statement with its design. On the contrary, with close attention to detail and some careful and informed planning, a luxury bathroom can be constructed in any home.

From striking colour palettes and luxury material choices to sleek fixtures and fittings, we’re sharing some practical tips for curating an elegant bathroom style which oozes opulence – turning a simple interior project into a high-end bathroom design.

Invest in sleek fixtures and fittings

When selecting the fittings for a luxury bathroom, performance is everything. However, when it comes to getting the most out of the fixtures and fittings, you don’t need to compromise on style in favour of practicality.

Opt for popular features that lead the way in the latest interior trends, such as a shower system which has a large, fixed shower head.Consider how your choice in features will add an extra dimension to standard functionality – a rainfall shower, for example, is the perfect showering solution to awaken the senses in the morning, or to create a soothing feeling after a long stressful day in the office.

To improve efficiency, consider adding a shower handset which is easier for rinsing and cleaning.Waterfall taps are also a key contemporary element in luxury bathrooms – they are super stylish and make a beautiful feature of existing sinks or baths.

By creating an elegant cascade of water which not only looks great, but is also incredibly functional, waterfall taps are another way of adding an extra dimension to a bathroom interior to the overall benefit of its opulence.

Moreover, modern mixer taps mean you can combine the two feeds to maintain a controlled temperature. Essentially, it’s the small details which can really make a difference when tying a luxury bathroom together.

Re-evaluate colour choices

Adding a splash of colour could completely transform any bathroom space by injecting extra character – a key element to any distinctive bathroom design.

Colour schemes are essential for getting the look and feel you desire – something as simple as adding a bright colour to a bathroom could lift the whole house by bringing this functional space in line with the rest of the home decor.

Refined gold has been on trend throughout 2019 and looks set to stay well into the new year, offering the perfect way to add a glamorous touch to any design.Start with hard-wired fittings, such as plumbing pipes or a basin tap, then layer with more accessories. Combine this look with sherbet shades to evoke a real sense of hedonism, which will work well with metallic brassware for a look which is really on trend right now.

If bold colours don’t take your fancy, natural unrefined finishes are sure to add a warm ambience. Wood is the perfect aesthetic for this look, as darker timbers really help create an ‘at home’ feel which combines comfort and a luxurious aesthetic.

While this style is sure to look chic and stylish, it’s also timeless, ensuring bathroom updates are fit to last.

Live in luxury materials

It’s worth investing in materials such as stone and solid wood to add a sophisticated feel to the room. Quality materials such as marble, limestone and travertine are incredibly popular choices in luxury bathrooms, as not only are they opulent, but they’re also long-lasting – perfect for getting the most out of an investment.

To create a sleek and seamless finish, use the same materials on the floors and walls. Consider total uniformity if you want to place focus on the bathroom fittings, as adopting this design technique will create a canvas for the rest of the bathroom accessories.

It also pays to make storage solutions stand out while ensuring complete functionality. Bespoke solutions will make the best possible use of every last inch of available space, meaning you can still optimise storage in smaller spaces.

Rather than opting for freestanding furniture, choose fitted items for a unified look. Wall-mounted furniture is an efficient way to incorporate storage solutions into a small bathroom, while creating the illusion of more floor space.

Install luxury flooring

From durability to looks and cost, there’s a lot to consider when deciding upon bathroom flooring – not to mention having to cater for the large quantity of water it will need to withstand.

For those with a high-end budget, granite and marble are luxury solutions which will pass any test thrown their way. These materials can resist water seepage naturally, as they are not porous materials, making them perfect for all bathroom requirements.

When the flooring does need cleaning, the highly shiny surfaces mean maintenance is minimal, cutting down cleaning time. Alternatively, cheaper options include quartz and white concrete, which can require less maintenance than natural stone while still adding glamour to the space – all without draining your budget.

This means that whatever your budget is, you won’t need to compromise on the functionality or the aesthetic of the bathroom. Go the extra mile by investing in underfloor heating to keep the bathroom at a comfortable temperature and avoid the dreaded chill of an unheated bathroom on winter mornings.

Not only will the home subsequently retain heat more effectively, but the aesthetics of the bathroom won’t need to be compromised by an unsightly bulky radiator. Whatever your taste, there are easy ways to update your bathroom and turn it into the ultimate luxury paradise.

From simple style updates to large scale design renovations, an elegant space can be created no matter what your budget – all without compromising on functionality.



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