Top 6 Energy Saving Solutions for an Eco-Friendly House

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Did you know that 22% of the electricity produced in the United States annually is used for residential buildings? If you are a building owner or a house owner, you know very well how expensive maintaining and repairing a property can be. Also, for residential occupants, one of the biggest monthly expense most people have is their energy bill.

Fortunately, there are various Energy Saving Solutions energy efficiency options available for your home. Now, it is natural to opt for the most affordable electricity plans. However, there are better ways to reduce the monthly energy bills effectively. So, instead of standing by and watching your energy bills rise month after month, why not take effective actions?

To answer this, the following are the top 6 Energy Saving Solutions you should consider adding to your home.

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1 Energy Monitors

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Energy Saving Solutions is to find a way to see how much energy is being consumed. If you’re someone wondering about this, then having an energy monitor is crucial. They are inexpensive and a must have tool for homeowners. Providing you with the minute to minute breakdown of energy consumption enables you to take actions against aspects that consume more energy than required.

Before getting the energy monitors installed, you need to clip a transmitter onto the power supply coming to your house. The transmitter clip sensor will transmit all the energy consumption data to the monitor inside the house. Getting thoroughly informed about your home’s energy consumption allows you to pinpoint issues and address them quickly and effectively.

One common concern is about the initial expense. However, with the help of energy monitors, the energy savings can easily cut off the initial expense in about 6 months or less.

2 Solar Panel System

Most of us are aware of the advantages of solar panels, and also their eco-friendly benefits. However, one of the biggest misconceptions in most home owners is that solar panel systems are too expensive. In reality, due to the recent advancements and developments, solar panel systems are more affordable than before. This Energy Saving Solution can recoup the installation cost in a few months.

Along with reduction in energy bills, solar panel systems also come with a number of tax rebates and credits that home owners can take advantage of. It is highly recommended to consult with professionals before selecting and installing the solar panel system. Ignoring the professional assistance might lead to many mistakes which might give the best results. A professional can install them correctly and quickly.

3 Improved Insulation

Energy wastage is often seen due to improper insulation. Nearly 10% of the energy wastage is due to poor insulation in houses. The best way to learn about the inhouse energy wastage is by performing an in-depth energy audit. This allows you to get a detailed idea about any insulation leakage throughout the house, and also if there are any other common problems present. The most common place considered in energy audit is the attic.

Attics in most houses tend to get a lot less attention, which leads to insulation deterioration as time goes. If you notice insulation that is damaged or looks thin, replacing the insulation is the best course of action. Modern homes are equipped with proper insulation is attics to tackle this issue. It is recommended to look for online reviews and forums before opting for the right insulation for your house. This allows you to make the right decision the first time around.

4 Solar Water Heater

Most of the experts agree that a solar water heater is one of the best investments for your house. Electric water heaters consume a lot of energy, a contribute to a considerable share in the energy bill. Along with being an eco-friendly solution, solar water heaters can help you cut down the energy bill. Compared to the electric water heaters, solar water heaters are capable of heating the water much faster. Most solar experts believe and agree that the initial cost of solar water heater can be recouped within a span of 2 years.

Apart from being an energy efficient and eco-friendly option for individual houses, solar water heater systems can also be used for heating the building water storage systems. Considering the rising concern of health and safety during the present emergency situation due to COVID-19, solar water heating systems can help building owners to supply water that is safe and free from bacteria like legionella.

5 Energy Efficient Windows

Some might wonder, how does windows help with saving energy? In houses where windows don’t get tended to often, the seal around them start to deteriorate. This allows air to escape, which leads to more optimization of indoor air temperature. Ultimately, this leads to a higher than normal energy bills.

Fixing this problem is very easy since all you need to do is invest in high-quality double pan windows. These windows are designed to make homes more energy efficient. Consulting to a professional is advised as the placement of these windows is as important as the installation.

6 Rainwater Harvesting

All houses need water to carry out tasks in their day to day life. The best way to store enough water is by investing in a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater can be used for a variety of purposes like gardening, landscaping, toilet flushing, etc. The rainwater collecting systems are as simple as placing containers and barrels strategically to collect water. This can help you obtain gallons of water in a relatively short amount of time.

Rainwater harvesting also cuts down runoff, while helping prevent overflow in sewage systems. Many architects include rainwater harvesting as one of the house features in green designs.

What are You Waiting For?

Now that you are aware of all 6 features that can make your house eco-friendly, it’s time for you to take action. For best optimal results, consulting a professional energy consulting firm is highly recommended.

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