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Becoming a homeowner by buying real estate is definitely a huge deal. It’s an important step in any person’s life, and probably the only thing better than buying a home is building one to fit your own needs and preferences. If this is something you opted for, and you’re building your house from scratch, an entire world of construction possibilities opens up to you. In case you want to include one or several additional features to your future home, but you still aren’t completely sure what you want them to be, take a look at these wonderful ideas and let them be your guide toward a perfect home.

Keep everything in its place

Another great thing about additional features is the customized storage space you can use to avoid clutter and maintain your living space tidy and organized. Those with a lot of books will love their built-in wall-to-wall book shelves, whether in a study, your living room, or even your hallway. Also, custom-made cabinets and drawers in your kitchen will give you instant access to anything you need, without having to dig through a bunch of other things to locate it. Add to these walk-in closets which cater to each of your family member’s needs, and these efficient storage solutions can one day be a significant return on your investment. 

Lock away your firearm

There probably isn’t anything more important to you than your family’s safety. Therefore, if you’re a gun owner, building your own home makes it much easier to add a gun cabinet to it. Due to the fact that gun cabinets and safes have to be hidden from plain sight, it’s essential that you plan where you’ll put one well in advance. A safety gun cabinet will have just enough space to hold all your firearms, so make sure you choose the size that’s in accordance with the type and the number of guns you own. Similarly, while you should get a cabinet with a lock that’s as secure as it can possibly be so that nobody but you can reach your guns, you can now have that in combination with the quick access feature, in case of an emergency.

Make vacuuming simpler

Installing a central vacuum system could save you from having to move your vacuum cleaner around from one room to the next, or even up and downstairs. These systems normally have a power unit and a container for collecting dirt placed somewhere where they won’t bother you, such as your garage or your basement, and all you need to do when you want to clean your home is to plug in the vacuum cord into one of the portals placed strategically around your home. Other than being practical, central vacuum systems are also good for anybody suffering from allergies, asthma or any other respiratory issues, as these systems don’t blow around nearly as much dust and dander as the regular vacuum cleaners. 

Keep the mud out of your living space

If you’re one of those wonderful outdoorsy people who enjoy long walks through the woods, fishing trips and snowball fights in your backyard, then you know how annoying it can be when you get back home with your wet and muddy shoes and clothes. Fortunately, you’ve decided to build your own house, so adding a mudroom to it probably won’t be difficult. It doesn’t really have to be anything big or fancy. In fact, a small and simple space with a bench, a few cubbies and some pegs on the wall will do the trick and keep all the unnecessary dirt contained outside of your general living area.

Build a fun hidden room 

Those who really want to have fun with their home design always have the option of adding a secret room to it. The options range from a study, a playroom with Montessori room design for your children, to such exciting ideas as a home theatre, a poker room or even a personal bathroom only you can use. Whatever you choose the purpose of the room to be, make sure you include it in the initial design plans for your house, but also that you come up with a smart and interesting solution for the entrance to it.  Namely, the entrance is actually what makes the room hidden, since nobody really expects anything to exist behind that massive bookshelf, the charming fireplace or the beautiful ornamental mirror. 

Consider pet-friendly features

Designing and building your own home gives you the perfect opportunity to add features that will make each member of your family is happy and cozy there. Of course, this includes the four-legged family members, too. So, if you have a cat, a dog, or anything else of the sort, perhaps you can install special doors for them so that they can move around your yard more freely. Other than this, you can consider building a bathing station for your pets or even special cabinetry containing things like toy storage or built-in water and food bowls.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to build your own house and live in a home that’s perfect for you, make the best of it and add some of these features to make it more comfortable, more appealing and more practical for you and anybody else living with you. After all, if you get the chance to live in an ideal home, why not take it?

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  1. I love your idea to include a hidden study or bathroom if we want to add a fun element to our custom home. My husband and I want to find a custom home contractor to start working with so we can hopefully move into the new house by the end of next April. I really want to make our custom home feel unique, so thanks for sharing these fun ideas we can incorporate into the design!

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