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Have you ever thought of adding water features to your home? Do you worry about the kind of water features to adopt to give your desired aesthetics? Worry no more as you are guided through the best choices you can make regarding water features.

Apart from beautifying your property. Water features add sounds, life, and movement to landscapes. It helps homeowners to enjoy the feeling of nature. Imagine you return from work after a stressful day and listen to the sound of nature washing and melting away the day’s tiredness.

With many benefits provided by water features.  Confusion on the choice of water features when designing a space should not be your reason for giving it up entirely. Irrespective of your garden’s size and your preference of materials, water features can be incorporated into your landscape, and here are some unique choices.


A waterfall is a steep descent of water and without an iota of doubt, the most lovely and pursued water features. If your space is limited or large enough, you might want to consider a waterfall as a choice to enjoy the pleasing sound of running water.

Waterfalls are available in different varieties in sizes and making. A waterfall can be as delicate and tranquil as a prattling stream or happens to be more sensational with a bigger drop.

Waterfalls are incredibly low upkeep, energy effective, and they draw in an assortment of untamed life. Young people love investigating nature in and around the waterfall.

Regardless of whether you add a waterfall to your front or backspace, make certain to find it close to a window so the musical sounds can be appreciated from inside your home, as well.

Below are examples of waterfalls.

1.   Trivial Falls

If your space has rocks or you can easily access them. These can be carved to make the required drip necessary to produce a simple flow of water and be tucked somewhere in your yard.

2.   Heading High

Make it rain artificially with a waterfall system. This design can be placed anywhere in your space and it always gives this feeling of creating your weather.

3.   Overflow

A design is set up such that water fills a container placed above the ground as desired and allows it to overflow. This gives a perfect vision of the waterfall and it is very suitable for a constrained space.

4.   Falling Steps

Exploit your natural land space and even out uneven territory, join it into a scene plan that gives an extraordinary, and imaginative viewpoint. Make steps with sloppy areas and allow controlled water to flow.

5.   Running River

Limited space becomes a problem if you allow it. Water can be directed to flow like a garden river if retaining walls are built to constrict its movement.


Large spaces are most suitable for ponds as a water feature. Apart from the free flow of water, fish can be kept and bred in this type of water feature.

Several sizes and shapes range from big, small, oval, circular to shapeless, depending on your choice and the topography of your landscape.

Apart from the aesthetic purpose and the existence of nature right in your yard. Ponds can also add property value for house owners. Highlighted below are examples of ponds that can be adopted for your space design.

1.   Decorative Koi Pond

This water feature is well sought after by many homeowners purposely to raise Koi for displaying, selling, and as a likable and calming hobby.

Koi pond may include aesthetic appeal to the space design but it is mainly about Koi. It is built with enough depth and bottom drains. Plants are minimal to allow the free roam of the fish and a large amount of water is supplied to make an ideal breeding environment.

2.   Water Garden

A water garden is a small over-the-ground pond that flows freely. It has become a renowned water feature. Small species like goldfish are mostly found in this pond. It is usually designed with plants, spitters, and lighting.

Its depth is typically less than that of the Koi pond. It is characterized by plant shelves along the outside to imitate aquatic habitat and awesome view.

3.   Stepping stones

Spaces with natural aquatic settings can also serve as a water feature. Instead of building bridges, stones can be placed in it to move across it. It can be managed and preferred beautification implemented.

4.   Tranquil Pond

This is a long pond that typically produces a distinct border to your space design and a calm flow during evening yard walks. Fishes in this pond are also a beautiful sight to behold.


A surge of water that is constrained out of sight through a little opening, particularly for embellishing impact, or the construction in a lake or pool from which this flows. Examples are given below

1.   A Bubbler Fountain

A basic lake bubbler can change a basic pot, water basin, or whatever other item that can hold water into a tranquil wellspring you can put anyplace inside or out. This is a cheap task that you can customize to fit any stylistic theme.

2.   Eclectic Fountain

This is suitable for a home with limited space for inground design. Statues are made as fountains to produce a free flow of water.

3.   Graceful Bubbles

Water globes are widely adopted not only for the limited space needed to incorporate but also to give a distinct view to your landscape.

Safety Measures Necessary for Water Features

For effective and efficient water features, it is imperative to adopt a drainage system.

Trench drains are a great choice for a safe and well-drained system.

Trench drains are a sort of floor channel that advances seepage over an enormous surface region. Trench drains are a good means of collecting splashed or runoff water from water features.

Water Features as Focal Points for your Space


Water features give a feeling of serenity as you pay attention to them. It brings peace, serenity, and a touch of nature to your space.

Cascades and fountains keep water moving and recharge the oxygen in the water. This is essential if you have fish in your water feature as well as the ventilation your home derives. Streaming water holds mosquitoes and different creepy crawlies back from reproducing in it.

In addition, water features beautify your home and give it a unique look. Adding one to your space gives you the chance to enjoy your haven even more.