What goes into the creation of new builds?

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There’s nothing better than buying something brand-new, knowing that the only previous owner is you. New builds are special for this reason, allowing you to make your own personal touches – and they’re easy on the eye too.

If you’re currently on the market to find yourself the perfect brand-new home, it may have crossed your mind – what goes into constructing these properties? Prepare for these questions to be answered with our in-depth guide to how new-builds are created.

What is a new build?

First things first, it’s important to discuss what actually constitutes a new-build property. By new-build, we mean a newly assembled home that has had no previous owners. Typically, they are part of a development, with all of these homes adhering to the most recent building regulations, including energy efficiency.

Planning and construction stage

Before any construction begins, it’s the job of the architects and property developers to first come up with a design plan. They’ll consider certain factors like location to then create the layout of the home and its exterior design.

Next, it’s time to start preparing the plot, which means removing any topsoil from the area to create the depth where the underside of the flooring will be placed.

Laying the foundations

Like with any building, the foundation is imperative in ensuring the property is stable and safe. The groundworkers will lay pipes and ducts to proposed meter positions, and draining and vent pipes will be installed. These will ensure the home is level and damp-proof.

Afterwards, it’s time for the brickwork to begin the build of the superstructure. In addition, templates will be created for windows and doors to be installed in the future and the first of the scaffolding will be set up to give the building its strength and shape.

Moving on up

The next stage can take place over several floors depending on the size of the property. Each floor will be crafted one at a time, ensuring joists are secure, fixtures are fitted, and everything is insulated and sealed to perfection.

You’ll notice things really coming together when it’s time for the roof to be constructed. A pivotal stage in the building process, the addition of the roof now means the home will be watertight. After this, it’s time for the scaffolding to be taken down.

Time to spruce up inside

Yes, the exterior may look pretty much done but inside is a different story. This is the part where the property starts to look like an actual home. Jobs include plastering the walls, installing the bathroom and kitchen, sorting the plumbing and electricals, and fitting the staircases.

You’ll also notice fixtures like taps, sockets, and skirting making their way to various rooms in the home. Unless previously installed, you’ll often get the chance to choose your own fixtures in the home, such as the flooring, kitchen cabinetry, and countertops – you may even choose a different colour shade for your walls.

All that’s left are the final site manager’s inspection, a quality check, and cleaning, then you can move into your brand-new home.