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More people than ever before are working from a home office. This is largely down to the effects of the pandemic, which swept the world with drastic effect from the beginning of 2022. However, many people were already in the work-from-home club, and it does have many benefits. If you are self-employed, you more than likely save money by having an office in the home rather than renting office space.

If you’re new to the home office trend you’re in the right place. We’re going to be looking at the essential items and equipment you need when choosing a modern home office design for the 21st century. Let’s begin by talking about office furniture.

Essential Office Furniture

In reality there are only two essential items for a home office in the furniture field: the desk and the chair. You will find a great selection of modern office furniture if you browse online office design blogs and look at supplier’s websites. A sleek desk – with or without drawers – should be first on your purchase list, and we recommend you try office chairs for adjustment and comfort before you settle on the one you want. These items do not have to be needlessly expensive.

Although we are in the digital age and paperless is all the rage you may have a role that requires hard copies of documents. A modern-style or retro filing cabinet makes a great addition to a home office. You might also want to think about a small table to house a copier or scanner, perhaps, if these are needed in your line of work. Let’s look in more detail about the equipment needed for your home office.

Essential Office Equipment

You will undoubtedly have a computer for your work. Or you could be looking for a new one to improve your performance. If so, we recommend you look at the latest all-in-one PC models that do not have a separate box with the essential bits in. Instead, it is all housed in the monitor by way of clever technology. These PCs are space savers, and they also look sleeker and more stylish than the older type.

You will also need a telephone, perhaps your existing smartphone, and a broadband connection. Then there are essential software apps and tools, such as those for keeping appointments, producing reports, and keeping up to date with accounts. These are just a few of the apps and software packages you may need, and the actual examples will depend upon your business and your role.

Some Tips for Office Design

An office is somewhere you can find everything in one place that you need to perform your role effectively. It is also somewhere you should feel happy and comfortable to work. Here are a few tips we came across that should help you design the perfect home office for your purpose:

  • Keep things simple and avoid clutter, the fewer surfaces the better.
  • Add a couple of easy to keep house plants to your office as they are calming and look great.
  • Go easy on the colors of the walls as too bright can be distracting.
  • Don’t forget about lighting when you are planning your office, especially if natural light is limited.
  • Feel free to hang pictures on the walls to add something pleasant to your décor.
  • Make sure your office is air conditioned and has plenty of ventilation.

The above are just a few tips that we think will help you organize the best possible home office in the space you have available, so start looking for that inspiration right now.

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