10 Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

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Using an air conditioning unit can increase the electric bill, but the other options are not pretty, either. Fortunately, we have some tips to keep your family and home cool this summer while saving money your air conditioning costs. Something as simple as using a fan or closing blinds during the morning can make a tremendous difference. Moreover, having your ac checked by a professional ac technician can help in maintaining cool this scorching summer. If your air conditioner needs an air conditioner repair in Allen tx, call Texas I. E Air Conditioning right away. Our AC specialists are equipped and skilled.

The following are the tips to save on Air Conditioning Costs:

Close the blinds

An open window will not only heat your thermostat but also will heat you, too. It will let the hot sun enter your home. During the hottest part of the day, close your blinds to keep the heat out. It can also insulate windows, which prevents the cool air from escaping.

Select Your Lighting Wisely

Lighting is one primary consideration when planning on saving money on AC. Do you still use incandescent bulbs at home? If yes, then you need to switch to LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs cast more heat than LED bulbs, causing a skyrocketed temperature and electric bills at home.

Incandescent bulbs emit 90% of their energy as heat. They take up more electricity than LED bulbs. Switching your lighting in the summer season can lower your electric bills. LEDs help you save a bunch of cash and radiate less heat.

Ensure your thermostat is on the correct wall.

The right placement of the thermostat can play a huge role in how well your air conditioning system functions. If you place your air conditioner on a wall next to a hot window, for example, your air conditioner will work more often than it requires since the air conditioner thinks the room needs more air conditioning.

Replace Your Old Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units usually last for at least 15 years to 20 years. After this time, there are possibilities that the old Ac unit will only contribute to your increased electric bills. Not only electricity but the ac maintenance will cost you a lot of cash, and it will be a burden to your wallet. It is always an excellent idea to change your ac system when it reaches its lifespan.

Minimize the Utilization of Stoves

It is better to use a microwave for heating your food or cooking food. You can start eating salads, sandwiches, or fruits because they do not need a stove for cooking. In addition, you can also use an exhaust fan in your kitchen while cooking to evaporate the heat.

Use a fan

You do not always need to use the air conditioner to feel cooler at home. Having a ceiling fan can make you feel better and give the room a lower temperature. It is enough to boost the thermostat temperature by 4 degrees. If you want to go high technology, you can install a more upgraded and smarter ceiling fan that links to an app and automatically adjusts based on the schedules and time you make.

Use What You Already Have

There are many ways to employ alternative cooling methods for your homes. You can go to old school methods and turn on ceiling fans and close curtains. While having a fan will not cool your entire home, it can help your ac work more effectively. Ceiling fans can make a tremendous difference in spreading the air to keep rooms and things cool. If your house has a cellar or basement, relax down there during the scorching summer days and save on your your air conditioning costs.

Plant Trees Around Your Home

It might not help lower your next month’s bill, but I make sure this one can make a difference over time. If you can make a way to decrease the amount of sunlight that enters your windows, you can also reduce the need to use the air conditioner. Using shrubs or trees to cover your home can boost the efficiency of your ac by up to 10%. In the meantime, you can put black and thick curtains in the east or west-facing windows to conserve energy and money on your electric bills.

Keep Outdoor Paint Light

Did you know that the paint on the exterior part of your house affects the temperature inside? Dark and dull colors end up absorbing 70-90% sunlight. This absorbed sunlight has a considerable effect on the temperature inside your house. On the other hand, light-colored paint allows heat to reflect.

We suggest picking cool, light, or pastel paints for your home to maintain coolness in your room. It is one of the most excellent ways to save on your air conditioning costs that homeowners often forget to consider.

Make an upgrade

If you have not switched to a smart thermostat, it might be the perfect time to make an upgrade. Smart thermostats can control cooling and heating when you are not home to save cash. Also, you can adjust the settings by just using an app on your phone or over voice commands.

With these 10 useful and easy ways of saving air conditioner costs, we hope that your electric bills stay within your wallet. It is challenging to save money in the scorching heat of summer, but these 10 tips will allow you to take a huge chunk out of your bills without hurting your wallet and budget.