6 Common Garage Door Repairs for Homes

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Garage door repair is not something we see everyday. Although garage doors do not require frequent maintenance, when they do, it can be a serious problem. Imagine running late for an important meeting, you get your keys but when you try to get your vehicle out, the door won’t open. You would not like yourself stuck in such perilous situations. To avoid confronting such situations, you must know the common problems with the garage doors and their repairs. Following is the list of 6 most common issues with garage doors that you might come across.

Spring Repair

The spring is one of the most fundamental parts of the garage doors and carries the weight of the door. The command is generated by the opener of the door and the function is carried out by the springs. A regular garage door lasts around 7 to 14 years. At this point the springs of the door have become weak and can snap at any moment. It is advised to call in experts to install a new spring as doing it yourself can be hazardous.

Opener Repair

The garage door opener is the conductor which controls the opening mechanism of the door. It is one of the crucial parts that controls the working of the other parts that opens the door. If the opener of the garage door will break, the other parts which respond to the opener will not function. This will leave the garage doors stuck in a particular arrangement. You can either reset the system or try opening the door manually. If it opens then, lucky for you, only the opener was the problem. You can get it fixed or replaced by a professional.

Cable Repair

The cables work along with the springs to open the door. The problem which arises with the cables is that they fall out of the drums. This task, although seemingly simple, can prove to be very dangerous. We can assist you with a quick fix in case of cable repairs.

Panel Replacement

The garage doors of most of the houses consist of panels which are bound together to consume less space. These doors provide you with the facility of getting a panel repaired or replaced instead of the whole door. The panels could get damaged in case of storms or something hitting the door. We provide our services of fixing your garage door panel in almost no time.

Roller Replacement

The rollers are responsible for the opening or closing motion of the garage door. If it gets damaged, the door will function weirdly or none at all. If there is any kind of weird noise or obstruction in the motion of the garage door, you must get the rollers checked. If they are damaged, we suggest you get them replaced as early as possible.

Garage Door Repair of Commercial Garages

The commercial garages have very frequent uses, which makes these doors prone to damages and problems. This damage can lead to halt in your daily activities, which can lead to loss in your business. We understand your concern. That’s why we offer to fix your garage door on the same day.

Our Services

At HomeTown Garage Doors, we keep your needs first. We acknowledge that your garage is an integral part of your life and you do require it to be available at all times. We try our best to assist you with the Garage Door Repair in OKC or replacement of your garage doors as early as possible. For further information visit our website.