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A Guide to Hot Water Tank Repair

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Of all the domestic systems in the home there is one that perhaps remains the most important – your plumbing system. If this should go wrong the results could mean no water – hot or cold – and no heating system. Plumbing systems are not as complex as you may think but as they hide away largely under floors and behind walls, we rarely think about what goes on.

Central to the plumbing system in your home if the hot water tank. This provides hot water for your personal hygiene and also for the kitchen. It might feed a heating system too, especially on older homes. So, what happens when the water tank goes wrong, and what can make it fail? That’s our subject for this article which is a a guide to hot water tank repair, so let’s begin by looking at reasons why repairs may be needed to your hot water tank.

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Why Might a Hot Water Tank Need Repairing?

A hot water tank – and the heater element, fitments and electronics that come with it – will not last for ever. There are many factors that can influence the condition of the tank which we cannot see from outside. For example, corrosion in the pipes may lead to debris in the tank itself and in some cases – older tanks – there may be corrosion in the tanks. Seals can fail as these are consumable items that are subject to hardening and cracking over the years.

How do you know if your water tank needs repair? Leaks are a sign that something is wrong as the tank should be completely sealed, while the failure of the heater to do its job is another factor to look for. If you are having trouble getting it to work it could be that a new element will do the job, and that’s not too expensive.

What we do recommend is that you have your water tank inspected and serviced as with the rest of your plumbing and heating system regularly. An annual inspection is strongly recommended as this will enable you to keep on top of minor problems and keep repair costs down. Could you do it yourself? Let’s talk about that now.

Is it a DIY Job?

There are many people in and around the city who repair hot water tanks – Lynns Winnipeg being just one of them. Is it a DIY job? If you are experienced in plumbing and have the right equipment it could be, but if not, we strongly recommend you call on the experts. They will have the right tools and the right knowledge to attend to your boiler and assess what is needed.

You may need a new tank in which case it is essential you get professional help as there is plenty you need to know about fitting tanks, draining systems and more. So, once you have your tank repaired or replaced how long should it last? If you keep up professional maintenance of your tank it should last quite a while.

How Long Will a Tank Last?

The average lifespan of a hot water tank will depend on how frequently you have it inspected and maintained as well as the quality of the tank and installation. Generally, you can expect a hot water tank to last around 8 to 12 years – that is taking into account the heater element inside it. But with improvements in materials this lifespan may extend should you buy the very best example.

Your plumbing services provider will take a look at your heater and tank, and the associated attachments and give you a quote for repairs or where uneconomical may suggest replacement.

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  1. My apartment’s plumbing system is pretty terrible. Thanks for telling me some situations when I a hot water tank may need repair services such as a corroded pipe line or leaks in the seal. I’ll make sure to get help soon before things get worse.

  2. If your hot water heater goes offline and needs a repair our water tank repair technicians are willing to help.


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