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Aluminium extrusion profiles are widely used in building and construction. It has become an important feature of construction. We can see them in applications of windows and doors, partitions, curtain walls, construction formworks, roofing, railings, shopfronts, conservatories, glasshouses, scaffolding, architectural accessories, louvres, decking, building exterior decoration etc. Aluminium extrusion is not just limited to exterior design. It is also used in lighting fixtures, elevator shafts and stairwells as well as many different applications. We also can see them inside building, like home interior decoration products. Integrated aluminium extrusions in almost all areas of building construction, including structural mechanical, plumbing and others. Aluminium tubes are very common in building construction, and they are also aluminium extrusions.

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Why is Aluminium Extrusion popular in Building and Construction?

We should know what the aluminium extrusion process is. Aluminium extrusion is a process of shaping aluminium alloy by forcing them through shaped tooling dies at high pressures, just like squeezing toothpaste. A strong press to the aluminium billet placed in the mould cavity, forcing the aluminium billet to undergo directional plastic deformation and extruding from the hole of the extrusion die to obtain semi-finished products of the desired section, size, and mechanical properties.

We can get various shapes under this process. Not only simple round tube, square tube, rods shapes, but aluminium extrusion also allows custom complex shapes to meet the request of various applications.

Aluminium can be extruded into many kinds of shapes by the extrusion process. The common shapes are round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, aluminium rod, aluminium bar, channel, beam, angle, tee, zee, and so on. Not only these simple shapes, but aluminium extrusion also allows custom complex shapes to meet the request of various applications. Most of the aluminium extrusion products are of custom designs. So it can be exploited for numerous different materials for building and construction.

What is the advantage of Aluminium Extrusion?

Aluminium is lighter weight than iron, steel, copper or brass, this makes extrusion easier to handle and lower on price. This feature makes it an attractive metal material for use in the application of weight reduction. So now it is more popular used in aerospace, truck trailer, bridge, automobile, construction formworks.

Although aluminium is lighter weight than other metals, aluminium extrusion can be made stronger as needed for most applications by different aluminium alloy and temper as well as profile structure design.

Aluminium extrusions offer excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminium doesn’t rust, and its surface will occur a natural oxide film that can protect its surface. In addition, there’re kinds of surface finishing on aluminium extrusions that can make the surface of both corrosion resistance and decoration, like anodizing, powder coating or PVDF paints.

Aluminium has a good feature of conducting heat and cold, which making aluminium extrusions ideal for applications requiring heat exchangers and heat dissipation. Aluminium extrusion’s design flexibility allows engineering to design a suitable heat dissipation in the building.

Aluminium does not burn and does not produce toxic fumes even at extremely high temperatures, this makes aluminium extrusion very suitable for building and construction.

Aluminium extrusion is a seamless product, complex shapes also can be realized by extrusion production, it is a one-piece product, not a mechanical jointed part. This makes the component stronger.

Aluminium extrusion is mainly a custom-designed product. This custom design can meet specific functions for various applications. So the aluminium extrusion is a prefered production method in many product solutions.

Most of the aluminium extrusions are designed at the very beginning to be suitable for further assembly. So an effective shape design can greatly simplify the subsequent fabrication and assembly, and also can save the cost accordingly.

Aluminium extrusion is a material that can be recycled. It is a product that can be melted and recycled to produce another product for different use. This makes it is desirable to architects and manufacturers.


Aluminium extrusions are widely used in the building industry. The lightweight, high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, design flexibility all make it an ideal material for building and construction. Nearly 60% of all aluminium extrusion products are used in building and construction. Contact FONNOV ALUMINIUM for more details on aluminium extrusion.