Different Types of Outdoor Signage: Which One is Right for Your Business

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You know you need outdoor signage. Embossing your business name on the front door is a start. So is hanging a banner across the front or side of the building. You can even take it a step further and set out a sandwich board sign every morning you open.

These types of signs let consumers know they’re about to open the right door, but they’re ultimately not enough to drive traffic in. You need something more impressive and this is when a Denver sign company can help.

While deciding you need outdoor signage is a step in the right direction, you also need to decide on the type of business sign. Some may be a better fit for your business’s location and brand than others.

A Look at the Various Types of Outdoor Signs

There’s more than one type of outdoor signage. One type may be a better fit for your brand and more effective at promoting your business. Before going with a type of signage, it’s a good idea to compare the various types.

Illuminated Signs

Your business doesn’t need to stay open late into the night to use illuminated signage. Typically mounted on the front of buildings, lighted signs help ensure your business is noticed. If you stay open after dark, illuminated signs are a necessity.

Along with letting consumers know where your business is located, the sign can also provide additional illumination. Sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots are a little brighter. Now customers can feel a little safer heading to your doors, and sometimes this is enough to start driving traffic in.

A good tip is to go with signs that use LED lights. You can showcase your brand’s commitment to the environment and get a few more points toward your LEED certification. If you’re not sure what LEED certification is. The certification indicates your business is working towards meeting its and the community’s sustainability goals.

With more consumers looking to support environmentally conscious brands, an easy way of advertising your eco-friendly commitments is with your business signage.

Dimensional and Channel Letters

When you want signage on your building, dimensional and channel letters are great options. Both types of letters are usually three-dimensional, meaning they’re more noticeable than a standard business sign or banner.

Dimensional letters can be made from metal or plastic. The letters are visually appealing, weather-resistant, and budget-friendly. You can even use dimensional letters to recreate your business logo.

Channel letters are similar in appearance to dimensional ones. They’re also 3D, easily customizable, and durable. The primary difference is the cost. Channel letters are typically more expensive, which is due to the manufacturing process. Each letter is created as a single unit.

While this does raise the cost of the signage, it also has an advantage over dimensional letters. You can illuminate the individual letters to create an impressive visual effect. Don’t forget to use energy-efficient LEDs for lighting— this way, you can leave the letters illuminated day and night without significantly increasing your utility bill.

Blade Signs

If you’re looking for a hanging sign that draws people’s attention to your business, a blade sign may be a great option. The sign is mounted on the front of the building, usually above or close to the front door.

The sign is suspended from the mounts, it doesn’t lie flat against the building, which helps ensure the sign garners plenty of attention. If a lot of your business comes from foot traffic, blade signs are something to consider.

Neon Signs

Yes, neon can get some negative feedback. Neon isn’t eco-friendly and it can also be expensive. With that being said, neon signs have their best uses. Some neon signage is even considered artwork.

Neon signs instantly capture consumers’ attention. Think about the neon signs you see driving down the road. You know a brightly lit neon sign is almost impossible to miss. Best of all, you can use the signage almost anywhere from a large freestanding billboard to a window decoration.

When it comes to price, neon signs are a little more expensive than 3D letters and blade signs. However, the signage is extremely durable and long-lasting. You can also customize a neon sign to positively reflect your brand.

Pylon Signs

Also known as pole signs, pylon signage is a good option when you want to attract attention from a distance. The tall, narrow, freestanding signs often tower over other types of signage and even some buildings.

The signs are two-sided so traffic coming from either direction can see your brand. Some are also illuminated. You can also easily update your messaging without having to replace the entire sign. So if you want to promote an upcoming event or just ensure you’re getting your message out, pylon signs are a good option.

Monument Signs

Do you have a large grassy area in front of your business or is it set back from a main street? If so, a monument sign may be what you need as outdoor signage to ensure consumers know your business is open.

Monument signs are typically large and set close to the ground. You can also choose from a variety of materials to help keep costs down. The type of material can also affect the sign’s appearance. For example, wood gives you a more rustic look while brick has a more elegant appearance.

Something to consider is illumination, as some materials don’t allow for interior lighting. If you’re planning on lighting up the interior of your monument sign, stay away from materials like aluminum and other metals.

Wayfinding Signs

Some businesses have multiple departments and several doors. Each door takes visitors to a specific section of the building. Instead of consumers wandering around aimlessly, wayfinding signs can help ensure everyone knows precisely where to go.

Wayfinding signs typically list the various departments and often include directional arrows. This type of signage usually works best in parking lots and entryways.

The Right Type of Outdoor Sign Can Make a Difference

Hanging just any sign might not yield the results you hope for. To truly capture attention and drive traffic to your business, selecting the right type of sign is crucial. Whether it’s a classic blade sign, an imposing monument sign, practical wayfinding signage, or eye-catching neon, each has its own strengths.

Consulting with an experienced Denver sign company can make all the difference here—they can guide you through the options and help you choose the perfect sign that aligns with your business’s needs and goals.