How to Calculate Asphalt Roof Cost Per Square Foot?

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An asphalt roof is the latest trend in the construction industry. Its high strength and durability advantages are the first go-to option for builders and contractors. However, contractors do not have ample knowledge regarding the pricing of the asphalt roof. Moreover, they are not well versed with the factors involved in calculating the price.

An asphalt roof is a type of roof with asphalt as a significant component. The use of asphalt is to ensure that the roof gets ample strength to withstand any structural load. So, if you want to know the pricing of the asphalt roof along with its properties and advantages, keep on reading.

Furthermore, the asphalt roofing manufacturers have also kept the aesthetic point of view in close consideration. They have ensured that the roofing is not just high strength but also aesthetically viable from the aesthetic point of view.

Regarding the cost, it is pertinent to mention that square feet are the standard unit parameter to calculate roofing material cost. The size of the roof is also a square meter. Hence, you can easily calculate the cost of a roof by multiplying its total area by the unit rate of the roofing.

Which Unit Calculates the Cost of Asphalt Roof?

The asphalt roof system is the most dynamic roofing system with countless benefits. It is durable and easy to make roofing with a solid structural strength to neutralize dead and live loads. Contractors often have ambiguity regarding the cost of asphalt roofing. Let us help you in your cost estimation process of asphalt roofing.

To calculate the price of any roofing, the first and foremost thing one should know is the unit in which the calculation will be carried out. With the knowledge of the unit, one can easily calculate the total rate of the roof. In the case of the asphalt roof, its measuring unit is a square meter. Therefore, you can calculate the cost of any roof size if you know the unit rate of an asphalt roof.

The unit rate is the price of the asphalt roof per square meter. This unit rate is the standard benchmark to estimate asphalt roofing costs for any type and size of the project.

What Is the Unit Rate of Asphalt Roof?

Unit rate is of pivotal importance when estimating the cost. You can calculate the cost of any material to be used in a project in a matter of a few seconds if you know the unit rate of that material.

The same general estimation rule applies to the asphalt roof. If you know the unit rate of an asphalt roof, you can estimate the cost of a roof of any size without any trouble.

The asphalt roof cost per square foot ranges from $3.50 to $5.50. The rate fluctuates with the change in the quality and manufacturer. High-quality manufacturers usually keep the per square feet rates a bit higher. But to do this, you must know the rate of the roof.

The contractors and builders should go for the quality rather than the economic factor. The quality will pay off in the long run, and a high-quality asphalt roof of $5.50 cost per square foot can have a lifespan of more than 50 years.