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Chillers have become an indispensible piece of equipment that cools equipment or the air in many commercial facilities. Even in Africa where temperatures are normally modest, vital equipment in places like hospitals require chillers in order to operate correctly. Other places where they find use is in hotels and industrial facilities.

In today’s energy conscious world, chillers need to meet much higher energy efficiency levels as well as environmental demands in order to pass the bar. This has promoted greater innovations designed to give a greater bang for the buck. One such innovation has been with water cooled chillers for instance. These are taking over from air cooled ones because they take up less space, are less noisy and offer better cooling effects. However different applications will require different types of chillers so never think that one size will fit all.

When looking for an industrial chiller look at the total life cycle cost, the power source and capacity noise levels. Employing the services of a professional will greatly assist in this task as some of the more technical aspects will be way above the ability of a layman to work out.

A Chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from one element and deposits it into another element. The machine uses water as a refrigerant and depends on the strong affinity between Lithium Bromide solution and water to attain a refrigeration effect.

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