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Industrial flooring needs to be well constructed to ensure durability over a long length of time. Industrial flooring suffers sever punishment from heavy traffic, rough handling and even chemical and oil spillage. Ensuring that the flooring is done wihtout mistakes will determine how long it will last. This articles takes a look a the key aspects to watch out for when selecting the right industrial flooring for you.

Weak Strength of concrete Floor

While doing Industrial flooring it is very import to have strength in flooring. PPC flooring is not good option for it. Tremix flooring is best option for Industrial flooring. Strength should be more than M20. Here M stands for Mix and Number for strength in N/mm2. Mixing ratio of M20 concrete is (1 Cement : 1.5 Sand : 3 Aggregates)

Rough Finishing of Concrete Floor

Concrete flooring should have smooth finish. Rough floor can’t be clean easily. Dust and dart deposit in rough surfaces. It is very difficult to clean the floor. We can’t maintain hygienic condition in premises

Undulation in Flooring

For easy material handling with trolley and fork lift, floor must be plain. Also floor gets easily damaged due to undulation in floor.

No groove in floor

This is also one of the common mistake many people do. When we lay a concrete floor, Floor starts doing movement of contraction and expansion. This, movement create crack in floor. To avoid crack generation in flooring we must have to do groove cutting on 3 meter by 3 meter size square.

Not doing Epoxy Flooring

It is very important to do Epoxy Flooring. Epoxy is an adhesive which has 3 times more strength than concrete floor. It’s come in many colors. It is smooth having anti microbial property.

Benefits of doing Epoxy Flooring-

  • It protects concrete
  • It makes easy material handling
  • Easy cleaning so help to maintain hygienic condition
  • Aesthetic look
  • Increase lighting effects.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Industries-

What is Epoxy flooring-

Epoxy Flooring is a flooring which is made from Epoxy adhesive. It comes in different colors.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring-


Epoxy flooring is durable and have high abrasion resistant. Once the Epoxy installed, it gives long life.

Protect concrete –

As the epoxy have durable nature due to which it protects concrete for wear and tear

Low maintenance- Once epoxy lay, it doesnot require maintenance. If the epoxy is damaged by any reason that patch can be get resily repair.

Fast installation- Epoxy Flooring can lay in 3 to 4 days and on other hand tile filling take 10 days for same amount of work.

Chemical resistant- Epoxy is resistant to many chemical. Generally concrete gets damaged due to chemical spiledge. To protect concrete from chemical damage epoxy flooring flooring is a good option.

Smooth material handling – Epoxy have a smooth finish due to which it make easy material handling. Material cant fall from trolly or forklift as there is smooth movement.

Easy to maintain hygienic condition- Epoxy seal the concrete floor thus it stop the concrete from dust generation. Also oil and chemicals does not soak in epoxy flooring which can be easily clean. Epoxy flooring make cleaning of floor easy.

Good lighting effects – Epoxy is in glossy nature, due to which lighting effect in premises improve.

Aesthetic look – Epoxy Flooring gives premises an aesthetic look. As it is seamless, glossy in nature and comes in different colors which all together gives aesthetic look.

Environmental friendly – Epoxy have low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which helps to maintain indoor air quality. Also Epoxy diretly apply to the concrete floor so it does not create any type of waste.