Optimise Space in Your Storage Facility with the Addition of a Mezzanine Floor

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Despite the current economic crisis, online sales are still on the up. With these being the case, many retailers are facing the new challenge of limited storage for their products. This could prove to be quite a headache for both storage providers and retailers alike. If you don’t find a way of dealing with it soon, you could end up missing out on a lot of potential business and you’ll fall behind your competitors.  Did you know a mezzanine floor might be the solution you need?

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is not just a fancy architectural addition to a posh and luxurious home. A mezzanine offers an intermediate floor in a building that splits the current height of the facility in two with a partial floor that doesn’t cover the whole area. This has become a remarkably smart answer to the current storage questions on people’s minds today.

Rather than forking out for expensive alterations, expansions, or additional buildings, in the unstable financial climate of today, you’re better off looking for more affordable options that can cope with the sudden growth in demand. A mezzanine floor installation is a much more economical and adaptable option that will not use up as much valuable time or money.

Why Mezzanines Are a Good Idea

Why should you look into installing a mezzanine floor? There are a few reasons that should motivate you to consider the idea.

  • You will make better use of otherwise idle vertical space.
  • You have the freedom and ability to create a purpose build solution ideal for your products or equipment.
  • You will save money when you choose to install a mezzanine than if you were to purchase bigger facilities or build a physical extension.
  • You can design a space that will accommodate for the inevitable fluctuations in the supply chain.
  • You can create an adaptable, economical facility that you can change and reconfigure as your needs and requirements develop in the future.

Bespoke or Multi-Purpose?

Mezzanines are becoming popular across a wide range of industries; therefore, the usage of these spaces varies greatly. Besides offering a great solution to storage problems, these spaces can also be used as office areas, archive housing, showrooms, visitor areas or even display centres. Since mezzanine solutions are structural sound while also being greatly adaptable, they are being put to use in a large number of ways. With this being the case, you need to consider whether you want to opt for a multi-purpose mezzanine or a bespoke solution, where you are involved in the creation process. Specialists in mezzanine floors, like that of Western industrial, will often recommend that clients play an active role in the design and production of their warehouse solution. That way, through open communication and expression, you will be able to create a space that suits your needs. With the recommendations of experts, you will be able to design and produce a project that ticks all the boxes of your business. Furthermore, the designers can take into consideration the best location for loadbearing frames as well as helping you choose the most appropriate material for the construction. The whole process will run smoothly, and you’ll have the end-result that best suits you and your business needs. Therefore, as you look into this area of commercial technology, make sure you do your research and find a well experienced team that will produce a space solution that fits your budget, suits your needs and helps you to continue to grow and expand as a company.