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Precision seamless pipe in industrial production

In today’s steel pipe market, there are many types of steel pipes, but only a small part of them are sought after by many industries, and precision seamless steel pipes are one of them.

Advantages of precision steel pipes

Precision steel pipes have great advantages in terms of performance. If ordinary steel pipes are used, this will not meet the required requirements for many industries. Because of the ordinary steel pipe, the problem of handling hardness is better than that of other materials, and the performance of other aspects is not so outstanding.

The use of precision steel tubes not only ensures greater performance. It also reduces many dangerous situations. For instance, there are many industries that use cutting, folding, bending, etc. when using steel pipes.

If the steel pipe used is a spiral submerged arc welded pipe, the distribution of the metal inside the steel pipe is very uneven. This will make the steel pipe, when subjected to these processing procedures, become very fragile. The better case is that the steel pipe has some irregular deformations; in the worst case, the steel pipe is likely to break. If the pressure on the steel pipe is relatively large at the time, the broken steel pipe may injure the employee who is processing.

When using precision steel pipe, this problem will not occur. Because this kind of steel pipe, before the line is formed, it will be cold-deformed and strengthened, which avoids the pipeline, and in the process of processing, it does not meet the processing intention.

What exactly is a precision seamless tube? What is its use?

Process introduction: High-quality carbon steel, finishing rolling, non-oxidizing and bright heat treatment (NBK state), non-destructive testing, inner wall of steel pipe is brushed with special equipment and subjected to high pressure washing, anti-rust oil on steel pipe for anti-rust treatment, both ends are sealed for dust proof deal with.

Main features: High precision and high smoothness of inner and outer wall of steel pipe, no oxidation layer of steel pipe after heat treatment, high cleanliness of inner wall, high pressure of steel pipe, no deformation of cold bending, no cracking, squashing and cracking, can be used for various complex deformation and machining deal with.

Color of steel pipe: Bright in white, with high metallic luster.Main uses: steel pipes for automobiles, users who have high requirements for precision and smoothness of steel pipes.

For the manufacture of precision steel pipes, it is necessary to feed the billet into the furnace for heating at a temperature of about 1200 Baidu. Hydrogen is mainly used as a fuel. In the heating process, the temperature control in the furnace is the most important part.

It is necessary to control the temperature within a rated range, so as to ensure that the manufactured precision steel pipe can have more stable physical properties. After the heating is completed, it needs to be cooled by spraying water, because the steel pipe is straightened after cooling, so that the basic prototype of the precision steel pipe can be seen, and the entire manufacturing process is still complicated.

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