Re-roofing vs. Roof Replacement, What Option is Best?

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Keeping the weather out while providing structural support, a roof is undoubtedly essential for any building. The roof might develop problems as time passes. A roofing repair or replacement can be your only choice.

Spending on roofing repairs and replacements in the United States annually exceeds $49 billion, with over 5% of all houses getting a new roof. However, when it comes time to replace their roof, most homeowners have no idea they may choose from several different materials and styles.

Removal of the failing roof and replacement with a new one is an option. A roofing company can help you with re-roofing instead of roof replacement for far less than the expense of a complete roof replacement.

The Term “Reroofing” – What Does It Mean?

Experts suggest scheduling a check of your roof at least twice a year. Local roofing companies may recommend replacement after an examination. Re-roofing is a repair solution for roofs that is faster and more cost-effective than a complete roof replacement.

The roofer will replace your old asphalt shingles with new ones if the roof is in good enough shape. Aesthetically, it will make your ceiling seem better while also protecting your property from water damage.


  • You’ll save time because the old roof won’t need to be torn off.
  • It’s less expensive than installing a new roof since the process is more straightforward.
  • This method of roof repair is the quickest available.


  • Adding more shingles to a roof that already has two layers is prohibited by building rules.
  • It might not last as long as a new roof would.

In other words, what exactly is Roof Replacement Service?

If your roof contains two shingles layers, it cannot be re-roofed according to authority. Your present roof may be unrepairable, in which case you’ll have to replace it. Roofing replacement is removing a worn-out roof and replacing it with a brand-new one.

Contractors can check for damage to the decking underneath the roof by tearing it off. The roofing firm will fix the underlayment and any damaged water barriers before installing the new shingles. If there is damage to the decking, it must be repaired before the roof replacement can commence.


  • Getting a new roof allows you to fix your current roofing concerns.
  • Longer-lasting results than a re-roofing job are expected with this roof replacement.
  • It doesn’t matter how many stories your roof is; you can replace it.
  • Because no problems will go undetected, you may end up saving money.


  • There is an increase in required effort and volume of needed resources. This means that it costs more than simply replacing the roof.
  • It can take longer to finish, and your loved ones might need time to acclimate to the new routine.

Which Choice Is Best For You?

Roofing companies can check out your roof and give you an honest assessment of the damage. Damaged roofs may necessitate a complete roof replacement. If the roof is in good shape, re-roofing makes more financial sense than replacing it.