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Homes or areas that have electric gate fences are automatically safer and protect the inhabitants from theft and burglary.

Automatic gates can be operated via a variety of ways i.e. remotes, cards, and wirelessly. There are many different types of automatic gates available in the market, i.e., swing gates and sliding gates. With different designs and different technology customization available that add a bit of convenience to the customers’ lives.

Swing Gate

There are two variations in swing gates. There is either a single or a double panel swing gate. The single panel double gate is typically used for small household applications, whereas the dual panel is for large private and commercial uses.

Double panel swing gates are commonly used for larger properties that require a large entrance. The gate can be made from a variety of materials, from wood to wrought iron. These gates can be wirelessly operated with a controller or a driveway gate opener and can swing either inwards or backward.

Sliding Gates

These are the conventional form of gates being formed automatically. Now instead of pushing and tugging the gate you can easily operate it via a motor.

For areas with less space, the sliding gate is the most convenient and quick version of automatic doors. Sliding gates take up less energy as compared to swinging gates. The sliding gate motor is also really simple, a chain is attached to the engine that pulls and closes the gate.

Sliding gates are ideal for busy streets where the gate won’t take up a lot of space while opening or closing.

Automated Gates

There are different types of automation for the automatic gate depending on the kind of entrance and the level of technology installed. All these gates have built-in technology and proximity centers to measure how close the car is to the gate.

Battery-powered gates

If your gates take up energy from the grid and there is a frequent power issue where you live, then battery-powered gates might be the solution for you. Backing up your gate with a small battery will help you get 24/7 functionality of your electric gate.

Solar-powered gates

Want to make a positive impact on society, leave a green footprint and also reduce your electricity bill? Solar-powered gates are your solution. They can be installed anywhere since they do not need electricity from the grid and can be used 24/7.

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