Types of Solar Panels: Which One Is the Best Choice

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Today, there is a great demand for th different types of solar panels in different countries. We know that solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which are helpful in absorbing sunlight and convert it into electricity. You can save your electricity bill by installing a solar panel for your house. It is majorly installed on the roof of your house.

There are different types of solar panels available for you. They are discussed below:

1- Thin Film

Thin-film solar panels are mostly used for industrial purposes as their efficiency rating is lower than others. These solar panels are made up of thin films of semiconductors and are deposited on metal, plastic, or glass. The body of these solar panels is very thin. You can buy thin-film solar panels at affordable prices as they can be manufactured easily.

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The materials used for the manufacturing of thin-film solar panels make it different from other types of solar panels. These materials may include amorphous silicon thin film, copper indium gallium selenide, and cadmium telluride thin film. There are three parts of a thin-film solar panel. These materials make it long-lasting and durable. These parts are named as

• Protective layer
• Conductive sheet
• Photovoltaic material

The efficiency of thin-film solar panels is less than other types of solar panels. Its body is thin as each layer of it is 1 micron thick. It means each layer of this solar panel is thinner than human hair. This type of solar panel is not much affected by high temperatures. When the temperature is too hot, only a small portion of the performance of this solar panel is affected. It is recommended to be used in deserts.

2- Polycrystalline

Polycrystalline solar panels are also known as multi-crystalline panels which are one of the best types of solar panels for your house. These are affordable and are best for household purposes. These solar panels are made up of silicon solar cells where one polycrystalline solar panel consists of about sixty solar cells. These solar panels are available in blue color and their shape is square.

Polycrystalline solar panels consist of a great number of photovoltaic cells which in turn consist of silicon crystals. The main purpose of silicon crystals is to act as semiconductor devices. It converts the sunlight which falls on it into electrical energy. The crystals present in this type of solar panel are visible. Polycrystalline is less efficient than monocrystalline solar panels.

It is easy to manufacture this type of solar panel as its manufacturing does not cost much. These solar panels are long-lasting and durable. They are helpful in saving your money by reducing your electricity bill. You should know that very little silicon is wasted in the manufacturing of this solar panel where most of the silicon is utilized in its manufacturing.
The major features of this type of solar panel include:

• Eco-friendly
• Acceptable temperature ranges from -40o to 85o
• High power density

3- Monocrystalline

Monocrystalline solar panels are considered the best type of solar panels. Today, its demand has increased and is being installed on the rooftops of the houses. The solar cells for this type of solar panel are manufactured with the help of the Czochralski method. The efficiency rate of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than others.

The cells used in the manufacturing of monocrystalline solar panels have a uniform color. No doubt, this type of solar panel is expensive than other types as it provides better features than others and is more durable. Its cells can produce more electricity as compared to the cells of other types of solar panels. That’s why it is considered the best choice.
The major features of this solar panel include:

• Higher efficiency
• Lower installation costs
• Greater heat resistant
• Space-efficient


You must know about the features and details of the solar panels before getting them installed. You should install the solar panel according to your needs and budget. If you are on a low budget, you might move towards monocrystalline solar panels. You should choose a thin-film solar panel if the solar panel is to be installed for commercial purposes.