Why Are Lava Rock Walls In Hawaii Increasing In Popularity

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If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, this wall is no surprise. You can check online, and the images are mesmerizing. They are prevalent in Hawaii because they are byproducts of volcanic eruptions. Lava Rock walls are not just known for their pleasing designs and patterns, and they are also one of the most substantial walls in the world. 

More so, they serve as a cultural artifact to the Hawaiian people. Hawaiian historians say that whoever steals a lava rock from the volcano, a curse will hover around him. It is that important to them. 

Lava rocks are one of nature’s wonders. Building with this material has become popular in Hawaii. You cannot take a walk around the street without sighting a lava rock wall. Why are they increasing in demand? What features do they possess that make them better than an average concrete wall? 

What is a Hawaiian Lava Rock wall?

A Hawaiian rock wall rocks endemic to Hawaii. These rocks are made from volcanic eruptions that undergo metamorphosis. The end product is the lava rock. Most buildings in Hawaii are Lava rocks derivatives. These rocks had been in existence for centuries before people started using them to build homes and other buildings. If you are a tourist, you most probably have seen these beautiful rocks in your resorts. Hawaiian Lava rock walls are a pleasing sight to see.

Most lava rocks buildings have been standing for ages. They do not dilapidate or have cracked edges. One characteristic about this rock is that it doesn’t wither, and it has quite a strong resistance to mildew or algae growth. 

Reasons Lava Rock Walls Gaining Popularity In Hawaii

It is no news of their increasing popularity in Hawaii. Keep reading this article to feed your curiosity. Below are key features on why Hawaiians cannot make recent a structure if it isn’t from lava rocks;


Due to their volcano origin, these rocks have high resistance to harsh weather conditions and climate. They are also called volcanic rocks. Building your homes with them gives you a longer lifespan than conventional building materials. 

The quest every homeowner seeks is a high-quality building that can stand harsh conditions and be able to resist every wear and tear. No wonder it is a fan fave for the Hawaiians. 

Low Maintenance 

As a homeowner, you can spend a fortune constructing your home to your standard. But what you loathe is breaking your banks in maintaining these structures. Fixing expensive systems costs money and time. 

It is a different case building with lava rocks. You spend a low cost on maintenance. They won’t grow mildew and hardly fall susceptible to bacterial growth and pesticides. 


Another aspect of lava rocks is their affordability. Anyone can own one irrespective of their economic status. You can find them anywhere. They range from quarries to private properties. You can also get them as a gift if you are lucky. 

Similarly, if you need more than a gift, you won’t have to break your bank to purchase these rocks in abundance. They are low priced. 

Patterned Design 

Humans always want more. It is an economic law. No matter how your needs change, you can always switch patterns. These rocks are aesthetically pleasing and are available in different ways and designs. What’s the good stuff? They come in different designs, from glassy to mundane looks. 


Lava rocks walls are becoming popular among homeowners and commercial buildings in Hawaii. These rock walls are strong and withstand stress and strain.