Why Porcelain Will Never Go Out of Style

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Porcelain is something that is growing in popularity and will continue to grow because there are so many benefits to using it. In fact, many would say that porcelain will never go out of style, and that’s a huge bonus when you’re thinking of using it in your décor – after all, if it never goes out of style, your home will always look up to date.

If you like the idea of using porcelain as a flooring option in your home, the fact that it is timeless will certainly appeal, but just why is it so stylish and important? Read on to find out more so you can know for sure whether or not to use porcelain in your home.

What Is Porcelain Tile?

Before discussing the benefits, it’s worth taking a moment to discuss what porcelain tiles actually are. In essence, porcelain tiles are made from a very dense kind of clay mixed with a variety of other natural materials, which are fired at a much higher temperature than standard ceramic tiles are.

Although porcelain and ceramic tiles will often look similar, porcelain has a lower water absorption rate than ceramic, and it has a number of additional benefits, which will be talked about now; it’s these benefits that make porcelain such a good choice.

Longer Lasting

One of the main reasons why porcelain tiles won’t go out of style is that they are longer lasting. This means that overall they are much better value for money than ceramic tiles are. The reason for this is that porcelain is more densewhich means it is much stronger.Because of its dense properties, porcelain tiles will stand the test of time much more and are less likely to crack underfoot or if something heavy is dropped on them, for example.

Once you have installed porcelain tiles in your home, you can be sure that, until you want to change the look of your flooring at any point, those tiles will be durable enough to last for as long as you need. This makes them an ideal flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, and it won’t matter if you have children or pets either; the flooring will withstand anything.

Low Maintenance

As well as being extremely durable, porcelain tiles are also very easy to take care of. If you’ve ever had hardwood flooring or even carpeting, you’ll know that it takes a lot of maintenance to keep your floor looking good. Any spills can be a disaster, and even standard cleaning takes a long time to ensure it is done right. Stains and marks are easy to make and see and much harder to remove.

This is not the case with porcelain tiles. When you have porcelain tiles, you won’t have to spend much time at all cleaning them as they are so easy to maintain. They won’t require any specialist equipment, and it’s just a matter of wiping them down when they are dirty. You don’t even have to use any chemicals to achieve a wonderful look; water is fine for the most part.

What makes porcelain even easier to take care of is that it is water resistant, and it doesn’t need any sealant to keep it that way. This means that any spillages aren’t as disastrous as they might be on other types of flooring, and although it’s good to wipe them up as soon as possible, leaving them (perhaps because you didn’t notice) won’t harm the tiles in any way.

This is why porcelain is now also being used in outside spaces much more than ever before – if it is already water resistant, a porcelain patio or pathway is not just practical, but it looks great too. Click here to learn more.

Suitable For High Traffic Areas

The flooring in your home has to look good, but it must also be suitable for your needs, and in high-traffic areas finding something that works with your home’s style and that will be durable enough to withstand the number of people (and animals) walking across it is a challenge.

However, when you choose porcelain tiles, that challenge is no longer quite such a difficult thing to get past. You can find porcelain tiles that will work with any style because they come in a variety of colours.. So no matter what you want your floor to look like, porcelain will offer you the option. Since, as has already been discussed, porcelain is so durable and long-lasting, your gorgeous floor will stand as much pressure as you need to put on it. In high traffic areas, porcelain will stay looking just as good as it always did, with minimal effort on your part.

Safe To Use

Another big benefit of using porcelain in your home is that it is safe. It is made sustainably to begin with, and that’s always a big plus when it comes to long-lasting décor in your home – you can be sure that you’re not causing any environmental harm by using it – but it’s also safe to walk on.

Some floorings might look wonderful, but they are actually difficult to use and maintain. They are slippery when wet (and sometimes when not), increasing the risk of accidents, and no one feels happy walking on them because they don’t want to be hurt. This makes living in a house or using a backyard very difficult indeed, and before long, you’ll probably want to change your flooring.

If you opt for porcelain tiles on your floor, you won’t have this issue. Porcelain might look sleek, but it’s not slippery and is fine to walk on no matter what your level of mobility might be. This is another reason why porcelain should be a top choice when you are considering exactly what you should install in your home. After all, a safe home is a priority, and safety should never go out of style, either.