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Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Types of AC Systems

You can choose from a good number of air conditioning systems and units for your property, whether you are planning to install one in your home or business premises. But all these choices can admittedly make your decision more difficult, as the range of options can be quite baffling. Fortunately, some systems are more popular than most for reasons of efficiency, cost, and more. Here, then, is your ultimate guide to the most popular types of AC systems.

Split-type systems

In terms of split-type systems, you also have different kinds from which you can choose. But these various kinds have one aspect in common: they have both inner and outer components, and copper pipes and electric cables connect these components. It is where the refrigerant will flow through the external and internal components. The system’s bulkiest (and noisiest) part is outdoors, and it houses the compressor. The indoor component is quieter and lighter than its outdoor counterpart, and you can place it almost anywhere you want in your indoor space.

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The modern system already has a remote control, and some systems also have heat pump capacities that can heat the indoor air during the fall and winter seasons. Most systems will also now come with different control modes plus timers, so you can easily pre-programme them. The indoor component will also come with an air filter to protect the coils from particles, and it also has fine air filters and equipment for air purification.

  • Wall-mounted

The most common split-type unit is the wall-mounted unit, and you can choose from various levels, capacities, and styles if you opt for the services of an expert company, like air conditioning from Sub Cool FM. You can also choose between the engineer fit and the easy fit system, where the engineer fit doesn’t have any interconnecting pipes that come with the AC, which means the system’s installation is bespoke. The easy-fit system comes with interconnecting cables and pipes, along with a cord to the end. Bear in mind that the cord has a fixed length, so you have to make sure that the length is suitable for your application. This AC system type is easier to install, and an electrician can do it, but the engineer fit system is more commonly available.

  • Ceiling cassettes

You can also opt for a ceiling cassette system, also referred to as the cartridge AC. Its design makes it possible to fit within tiles on the ceiling, and the unit’s bulk is above the ceiling line. The only part you can see will be the decorative part with louvres and a central grille. This AC system type is more aesthetically appealing, and it can also bring increased cooling capacity across a broader area. Some systems provide heating as well.

  • Floor-mounted

This AC system can come in two kinds, namely column ACs and floor-mounted cabinet ACs. The column units are high-capacity, large units ideal for larger rooms such as waiting areas, lobbies, and reception areas. The smaller floor-mounted cabinet AC, meanwhile, is ideal for spaces such as conservatories and room extensions. These two systems require the expertise of a refrigeration engineer upon installation as they don’t come with interconnecting pipes, which means the installation is bespoke to the property, and they will also charge it with refrigerant.

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