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10 tips to help when buying a new excavator

Size and application:

Before buying a new excavator it is necessary that you consider the task at hand and the appropriate tool needed to carry out that task effectively and efficiently. There are various sizes for different tasks such as the Crawler excavator which comes in three common sizes; the compact or mini size, the mid-size and the standard size.

Attachments such as Hydraulics:

Another point to note is the attachments.  It is important to consider the right attachments for your equipment in order to help you work stress-free.  Ensure that you ask questions about an excavator’s coupler options and other likely attachments you may need.


Moving your excavator to your location is an important factor to consider when buying a new excavator. You should decide on the right way to move your equipment and also, some dealers offer free transportation services when you buy a new excavator.

Control options:

Ensure that your new equipment has control options that can be used by your operators. The CASE excavator D series has control options in which you can choose from.

Operator Comfort:

Ensure that your new excavator has a cab that provides your operators with comfort in order to achieve a high level of productivity.

Tracks and Undercarriage:

Ensure that your excavator has the right tracks that suit the purpose for which it is being acquired. A steel track is considered to be more durable than rubber tracks. A rugged undercarriage is also preferred to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning.

Tier 4 solutions:

A tier 4 final excavator has modern technological features that would facilitate high performance.

Additional features:

Excavators with additional features are considered to be more productive and have better value for your money. These features include LED lights, power mode and so on

The right dealer:

Buying from the right dealer is important because they can provide maintenance and repair services. A dealer also ensures that your equipment stays in good shape.

Warranties and maintenance:

Product warranty and maintenance are one of the advantages of buying from the right dealer. Ensure that your new excavator has a product warranty and also has provision for product maintenance services.


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