5 Tips for Reducing Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

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Summer is the best time for lounging around, having carefree attitudes, and catching up on much-needed downtime. However, it usually comes with high energy costs as you fight to keep your home cool and take refuge from the sweltering temperatures.

Running your home’s air conditioner at full capacity for long periods of time can swiftly cause your energy bill to rise. Fortunately, there are many ways to fight the skyrocketing air conditioning costs. Here are some tips to keep your home cool without hefty energy costs this summer.

1.   Upgrade to a more efficient air conditioning system

Upgrading your central HVAC unit can help you achieve the highest money savings. For instance, you will likely need less energy to cool the home if you replace a traditional window-type air conditioner with a modern and efficient mini-split system.

While you might pay more up front, investing in a new AC system can lower monthly energy costs by up to 50%, leading to greater savings in the long run.

2.   Service your air conditioning systems regularly

Dirty AC blocks airflow, making systems work harder to cool your home. Regularly cleaning and replacing air filters can reduce an AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. If you have a central cooling system, ensure that floor registers are not clogged with dust or debris.

Addressing potential issues related to bad AC capacitor symptoms is vital for maintaining optimal system performance.

Hiring a local contractor for air conditioner service can keep your AC unit functioning properly. Your contractor should clean the outdoor coils, check your voltage connections and ensure the refrigerant is at the right levels.

3.   Install a programmable thermostat

A smart thermostat reduces energy consumption by adjusting temperatures while you are away or asleep. It can control cooling and heating when you are not home by turning itself off and turning on as soon as you return home. In addition, you can adjust the settings remotely using a phone application or through voice commands.

4.   Reduce heat-generating appliances during the day

Most kitchen and laundry appliances generate a lot of heat, making your air conditioner turn on more frequently during the day. Try to use your grill or microwave instead of an oven or crock pot when cooking during the day. In addition, run the dryer, dishwasher, and oven early morning or late evening rather than during the hottest hours of the day.

If you must bathe during the day, always use a bathroom exhaust fan to spot-ventilate and eliminate excess heat and humidity. These simple avoidances will save you money on electricity and what running an AC throughout the day would cost.

5.   Use a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is an excellent way to make your rooms feel more relaxed even when the air temperature is warmer than you desire. If you run a ceiling fan along with an efficient air conditioner, you can increase the thermostat temperature by 4 degrees without affecting your comfort. This will help cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs.


You can save dollars on air conditioning with little effort or cost by making a few simple adjustments around your home. Lowering air conditioner running costs can keep you and your family comfortably cool during the summer months, help your home become energy-efficient, and improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Consider these tips to help you save money and stay cool this summer.

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