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5 tips on how to maintain compact excavators

Compact excavators have advanced radically in the last years. Boosted systems and competencies have allowed them to become mainstays on construction sites. Here are 7 compact excavator maintenance tips to make the most of your uptime and safety.

Fluids and lubricants

An active maintenance routine begins with a day-to-day check of fluids, as well as coolant, hydraulic fluid and engine oil. If any of these levels are low, be certain to fill-up with the manufacturer’s recommended type of fluid, paying specific attention to categorizations, as well as viscidness for the operating environment. It’s also significant to keep these parts clean and use clean rags while checking levels to avoid impurities.

It’s also imperative to frequently oil the machine at recommended interludes, taking into consideration the application and temperatures the machine will be operational in. Manufacturers usually recommend the use of a quality lithium-based versatile grease to oil all main pivot points, such as cylinders, booms, and blades Filters.

There are several filters on a compact excavator for the fuel, engine, air and hydraulic systems, and each may have different service interludes. When dirty or totally blocked, a filter can directly influence performance and compromise delicate components. The majority of industry excavators have air filter limit indicators intended for the purpose of forewarning operators to maintenance requirements. To avoid system contamination, it’s dangerous not to remove the filter until the mandatory time.


Most manufacturers stipulate the use of clean, superior No. 2 or No. 1 grade diesel fuel. Operators with machines that regularly work in cooler climates may choose the option of specifically formulated blends designed to avoid gelling. At a minimum, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel must be used in these machines to cut exhaust emission levels. Depending on construction site environments, owners and operators must also be conscious of water separation that can happen in a fuel filter as a consequence of a lower quality fuel supply.


Conceivably the most apparent wear item on the excavator undercarriage is the track. Most of compact excavators use rubber tracks and the life expectancy of the track is mostly reliant on the surroundings they are exposed to and the user’s functional habits. Tracks should be inspected on a day-to-day basis to look for cuts, tears or areas that bare the steel imbeds. Any punctures could let moisture or contamination to go into the track.
The most significant undercarriage interval item to observe is track tensioning. A loose track is likely to de-track and will be harmful to its valuable life.

Cooling system

An effective cooling system depends on on satisfactory airflow and suitable coolant level. If either is missing, it can fail performance, lead to an overheat state — or worse yet — hasten engine damage. Proper cooling system maintenance comprises checking the airflow through the system and checking coolant hoses for leakages. The radiator, condenser and oil cooler can be cleaned by applying low pressure air or water, but use care not to damage the radiator’s fins.

Electrical system

The electrical system of most compact excavators uses a 12-volt battery and fuses for the main reason of shielding this system in the occurrence of an electrical overwork. Always replace botched fuses with like kind and amperage rating. Battery cables should be fitted and uncontaminated. Examine for deterioration on the cable ends and the battery terminals. Prevention can normally be alleviated with suitable dielectric grease

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  1. You got me when you said that you must be checking coolant hoses for leakages and proper cooling system maintenance also includes checking the airflow through the system. My father is planning to sell the excavator equipment that was given to him as a gift when he was still working by a friend. He said that he is unsure if its pump is still working. Since he wants it to be sold at a good rate, I will help him have its coolant replaced with a new one.


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