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Investing in heavy machinery such as concrete pumps could be a tedious process.

With the amount required to purchase such machines, extensive research and decision-making are necessary.

Although concrete pumps are easy to procure and are available in any part of your country, choosing the best one worth your budget could be stressful.

Also, concrete pumps have varying specifications which make it harder to filter which machine best fits your requirements. Here are a few tips on purchasing concrete pumps:


As mentioned, concrete pump machines vary in specifications making it confusing for buyers to pick the best one to invest in.

Some projects require bigger machines for bigger volumes of concrete, or greater pressure to pump concrete through pipes running through multiple levels.

Not all concrete pumps are the same and are designed specifically for the purpose that they are to be used for.

For smaller projects such as residential or renovation projects that require less pumping power, trailer pumps are usually what contractors go for.

Not only are they small, but they are much cheaper than the bigger ones as well.

It may also be used for other purposes such as grouting and for patching up small areas.
If you decide to rent it out, there’s a good opportunity for revenue due to its many uses.

If the intended use is for a bigger volume requirement, then the best option is to look for concrete boom pumps for sale.

It is commonly used by bigger projects due to its ability to pump huge volumes of concrete in lesser time.

This type of machine is not ideal for smaller projects because of its size and the amount of investment that it requires, especially for companies that are low on budget.

Researching on brands to consider is a must too. There are so many brands out there offering concrete pumps, but not all of them have promising reviews.

You may scan online for feedback on current users to see how the machine runs in different weather conditions and its performance in the long run.

There is no better way to find the best brand but by getting word from its current users.

Set a budget

Purchasing a concrete pump requires more purchases aside from the machine itself.

You have to consider its need for gears, extra parts, and other accessories as well.

Since a concrete pump is a piece of heavy machinery, it can be quite expensive.

But if you are looking for one and you do not wish to break your bank, buying a used concrete pump may be an option.

Brand new concrete pumps can be much more expensive than used ones considering that it comes with the brand’s perks such as insurance and maintenance services for a few years at least.

If you have a bigger budget, then buying a brand-new machine would not be a problem.

But if you own a smaller company and are not ready to shell out a chunk of your company’s budget on a new one, many dealerships or contractors alike offer used and cheap concrete pumps for sale that are in good working condition but at almost half the price.

Inspect the machine thoroughly

Buying a concrete pump is a huge investment.

It would be a shame to invest so much of your hard-earned money just to come home with a machine that would only serve you a few days.

It’s best to have a professional inspect the machine that you are eyeing before making the purchase.

Although the construction industry holds connections and relationships close, business is still business.

To avoid getting ripped off, you should hire a professional inspector or at least a mechanic you can trust.

Especially now that e-commerce has become huge, you can buy even the biggest concrete pump you can get, online.

Although this is a big convenience for contractors of rental business owners, this comes with greater risks when it comes to product quality.

When purchasing a machine online, make sure to get all the photos that you can get.

Once the machine has been shipped to you, inspect the machine and compare the photos that you have to make sure that you have the same product.

Also, if visiting the dealer that you’re dealing with is possible, it is best to see the machine in person instead of relying on virtual quality control images.


Especially when dealing with huge sums of money, it’s never a bad idea to haggle.

Haggling doesn’t mean that you are cheap, but you are just trying to get a good deal out of the hard-earned money that you have.

Especially for machines that are already used, dealers are usually open to negotiating regarding the price especially if you have a good reason to believe that the machine offered fits the price you’re suggesting.

If upon inspection you notice worn-off parts or missing parts, you can negotiate a deduction on these bases.

But then again, the final decision is up to the seller especially since he invested in that machine as well.

Negotiating does not only involve the figures, but you may also negotiate on parts and warranty.

For brand new machines, this may not be necessary especially since dealerships usually offer packages that include warranty and maintenance services.

But for used concrete pumps, you may have to arrange this with whoever you’re buying the machine from.

In conclusion,
buying a concrete pump is not like buying clothes from a store wherein you could just pick the best-looking ones.

Buying a concrete pump requires time and effort considering that this machine will be of service to you for many years.

Also, by failing to go through the mentioned steps, you may be putting your crew at risk by having them use a machine that you got a low price but with a horrendous history.

Even though getting a concrete pump at a low price is good for your business, it’s not always the case.

Getting a concrete pump at a low price is indeed possible, but is best approached with the right methods in mind.