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Whether you’re talking about a truck, a lawn mower, or even something as simple as a bicycle, you might be surprised how important proper lubrication is to the performance of the machine as a whole.

Lubrication can be the difference between a machine being perfectly fine one day and completely breaking down the next. The truth is that any machinery that has metal parts grinding against each other is going to need some form of lubrication. And not only that, but it’s going to require that you keep track of how that lubrication is performing.

By keeping an eye on your machinery and learning what lubricants are best for each situation, you can help your machinery work well beyond its expected expiration date.


Bearings need lubrication to fight against rust, corrosion, skewing, and many other defects that can result from too much stress. If you do not lubricate your bearings or neglect to replace the lubrication before it breaks down, it can result in some serious damage to the machine. And serious damage means that you will have to put serious money into the machinery to make sure that it is fixed and running properly.

What to consider when purchasing a lubrication

When purchasing lubrication for your machinery there are a few things that you need to consider to ensure that you are purchasing the right type of lubrication that you need.

You need to consider things like:

• The temperature it is going to have to stand up against

• How tough it needs to be

• Synthetic or not As long as you consider all of these things and really think about what the lubrication is going to be going on and what it is going to be going up against your should be able to find the exact lubrication that you need.

Using Lubrication

When you are using lubrication you need to ensure that you are doing a few things right in order to ensure that it helps the bearing reach its maximum potential.

These are some things to consider:

• The type of lubrication

• How much to use

• Whether you should mix oil and grease

• Making sure you do not contaminate the lubrication

Lubricating your machinery is much cheaper than having to replace it or fix it. It may seem irritating to have to do this so often, but in the long run the irritation is well worth it.

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