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Sand washer machine is the washing equipment of mechanical sand and natural sand, there are two kinds of sand washers, namely screw sand washer and wheel sand washer, they can remove the impurities covering the surface of sand and gravels, and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer of encapsulated sand, and play the role of efficient cleaning. In the production, sand washing machine will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, We look at 12 common problems as well as solutions common to Sand washer machines.

1. Sand washer can not start
A. Causes
-Insufficient voltage.
-Belt slippage.
-Reducer failure.
-Motor damage.

B. Solutions
-Change the voltage supply.
-Tension the belts.
-Overhaul the reducer.
-Replace the motor.

2. Working with noise
A. Causes
-Bearing damage.
-Reducer failure.
-Wheel and bucket body touching the shell.

B. Solutions
-Replace the bearings.
-Overhaul the reducer.
-Overhaul and adjust the bucket body.

3. Bearing temperature is too high
A. Causes
-Dirty grease.
-Improper grease dosage.
-Bearing damage (usually the first two causes)

B. Solutions
-Replace the grease.
-The amount of grease must be moderate, not too much or too little.
-Replace the bearing.

4. Spray phenomenon when washing sand
A. Causes
-The speed of the screw sand washer is too high.
-The horizontal axis is not fixed.

B. Solutions
-Adjust the rotational speed.
-If the rotational speed is adjusted appropriately and there is still the phenomenon of water spray, fix the horizontal shaft.

5. Equipment vibration
A. Causes
-Coupling frame bolts are loose
-Bearing seat bolts are loose

B. Solutions
-Tighten the bolts.
-Check and tighten the bolts.

6. Transmission part with high noise
A. Causes
-Insufficient lubrication of gears.
-Gear pitch change.

B. Solutions
-Add enough grease.
-Adjust the reducer foot bolts and tighten.

7. Blockage in the discharge opening
A. Causes
This is the most likely problem in the operation of sand washing machine, most of the reasons are due to the sand in the pulp of the sand washing machine is too fine particle size, feeding volume is suddenly increased, resulting in the blockage in the discharge opening.

B. Solutions
Firstly, stop feeding, open all the discharge opening to avoid the blockage, and clean the sand washer with clean water before operation.

8. Gears easily damaged
A. Causes
-Lack of maintenance.
-The sand washer shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer do not reach the specified parallelism.

B. Solutions
-Add grease or gear oil according to the requirements of Deya Machinery’s operation manual.
-Adjust the shafts according to the requirements.

9. Rotor iron core damage, deformation
A. Causes
-Excessive bearing wear or poor assembly, causing rotor phase rubbing and core surface damage, which in turn causes short circuit between silicon steel sheets.
-Excessive force when removing the old winding, so that the tooth slot is skewed and opened outward.
-Rusting of the core surface due to moisture and other reasons.
-The combination between the core and the seat is loose.

B. Solutions
-Remove the burr with a fine file and other tools, eliminate the silicon steel short, clean up and apply insulation paint, and heat drying.
-With sharp pliers, wooden hammer and other tools to be trimmed, so that the teeth bad reset, and in the bad reset with gaps between the silicon steel sheet to join the green shell paper, rubber wood board and other hard insulation materials.
-Sandpaper sanding clean, clean up and coated with insulating paint.
-Tighten the original positioning screws, if the positioning screws fail, you can re-drill the positioning on the machine base, tighten the positioning screws.

10 Sand washing volume reduced or sand leakage
A. Causes
-Damage to the screen mesh
-Screen mesh fixing bolts fall off.

B. Solutions
-Check and repair or replace the screen mesh
-Fasten the bolts.

11 Bearings are easily damaged
A. Causes
-Lack of lubrication or damage to the seal.
-Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.

B. Solutions
-Add grease frequently or replacement of seals as required.
-Regular cleaning.

12 Bearing parts with noise
A. Causes
-Rolling bearing oil shortage will have abnormal sound.
-Bearing steel ring rupture will hear the discontinuous “stalk” sound, or bearing parts have wear.
-Bearing mixed with sand and other debris.

B. Solutions
-Add lubricating oil.
-Bearing cracks, inner and outer ring broken or bearing excessive wear, should be replaced with a new bearing, and use the same type of bearing with the original one.
-Timely cleaning.