The importance of dock levellers when it comes to health & safety

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The logistics and warehousing sector is a highly competitive and fast paced environment where productivity and efficiency levels need to be high. It is however essential that proper consideration is given to the importance of health and safety at all times. A dock leveller is an important component in a warehouse when it comes to ensuring that operations flow smoothly and that employees are safe. It has an important job to perform in ensuring that there are as few workplace accidents as possible, that materials are handled safely and that warehouses remain a secure and safe environment for staff to work in.

What is a dock leveller?

A dock leveller, such as those available from Transdek, is a mechanical or hydraulic platform. They are installed at the loading dock of a distribution centre or a warehouse. The job of a dock leveller is to act as a bridge between the loading dock itself and the bed of the truck. This makes the movement of goods between the two areas a much safer and efficient operation. Dock levellers are available in a number of different types each suited to a particular application or client requirement.

Loading and unloading safely

Unfortunately the loading and unloading of goods is the main point in the distribution process where workplace accidents occur. Dock levellers are a must in helping to prevent accidents during the loading and unloading process. They can help in a number of ways:

  • Reduce tripping hazards – one key feature of the dock leveller is that it creates a smooth bridge between the loading dock edge and that of the truck, eradicating the gap or step and thereby removing the main cause of many accidents.
  • Stabilisation of goods – goods that are in transit between dock and truck are not always level, or stable, dock levellers help to avoid this issue and reduce the likelihood of good wobbling and then falling.
  • Efficiency – because dock levellers make the process safer and therefore more straightforward, they can make the entire process more efficient and safer for all involved
  • Reduce risk of vehicle rollover – forklifts moving in and out of vehicles during the unloading and loading process require an even path in order to remain as upright as possible, dock levellers allow for this and reduce the risk of vehicle rollover occurring.

Dock levellers are customisable

There are a wide range of variables that come into play in the warehousing industry from different types of warehouses, different loading heights for vehicles and even different weight or size capacities of loads. All of these factors play an important part in the requirements that a company may have for their dock levellers. Fortunately, modern dock levellers offer a significant degree of customisation and flexibility to ensure that they can be tailored to an individual company’s requirements whilst still meeting all of the necessary safety requirements.

In addition to this, they are further customisable through the use of weather-resistant materials which offer a non-slip surface and can help to reduce the incidents of accidents occurring during periods of adverse weather. Energy-saving features are also available. These assist with a reduction in power consumption whilst ensuring that there is no compromise on the safety of standards offered by the dock levellers.

In the long term

In addition to all of the important features of dock levellers that we have already mentioned it is important to consider the long-term cost savings that they can bring to a business. Accidents can create a significant drain on a business in terms of reduced downtime, worker compensation claims and even employee dissatisfaction in the company’s attitude towards them. The initial cost of dock levellers is a small price to pay when these other costs are taken into consideration.