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Three things to Consider When Buying a Forklift

Picking the right forklift for your business can draw a line between inefficient work atmosphere and a smoothly running operation. The right forklift will increase the overall efficiency of the tasks being performed and therefore will result in increasing the productivity of your business. However, a forklift requires an investment and of course the maintenance for later, therefore it is very important that you get it from a trustworthy dealer who sells you the best forklift in town. There could be as many as several things that you should take into consideration when buying a forklift. You need to consider the type of environment of your workplace, the lift capacities, and all the power requirements etc.

Below are some things that you must consider before buying the forklift for your business tasks.


Do You Really Need a Forklift?

The first step towards buying a forklift is to determine whether you really require one or not. For e.g., if you have some material to move and it weighs less than 3000 lbs, then you don’t need a forklift because generally, a human powered hand truck can lift weight upto that. You can instead consider to buy a pallet jack for the task. So generally, if the weight you want to move is at a distance or height that can be easily reached and lifted by hand powered truck, then making an investment in a forklift isn’t worth it. If you need to move weight more than 300 lbs but very occasionally, then you can rent a forklift. If you can’t afford a new forklift, it’s best for you to buy a used forklift. There are used forklifts for sale in Perth if you are looking for one.

If you have determined that you need a forklift, below are the further things to consider.

The Combustion

You need to decide which forklift you want to go for, either the electrical combustion one or the internal combustion one? Generally, the internal combustion forklifts are pretty easy to maintain and refuel as compared to the electrical combustion ones. They are capable of reaching more height than an electrical one and also are best for outdoor environments. If you want a forklift for indoor purposes, you should go for the electrical combustion one. The electrical motor basically generates zero emissions and therefore its best to use an electrical combustion forklift for indoors.

How High

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a forklift is how high it can go and how much weight it can lift,and that all depends on your requirements. You may want to go for a pallet jack which can move a good amount of weight, but keep it in mind that it won’t go that higher. A general forklift can lift weight between 3500lbs and 6000lbs approximately, which is actually a good figure and can go as high as 20ft.

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