Trommel screen machines: What are they? Where are they applicable?

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Trommel screen machines: What are they? Where are they applicable?

Trommel screens are also known as rotary screens or drum screens. They are mechanical screening machines used for sorting and separating materials based on size. Trommel screens are essential when separating different sizes of aggregates for use in road repairs and construction as well as concrete production.

What makes up a Trommel screen?

A typical Trommel screen is made up of a cylindrical drum mounted horizontally or inclined at an angle. The drum is punched with holes of customized sizes. The choice of hole diameter and pattern is dependent on the desired classification and separation efficiency.

The drum is supported by a robust frame or chassis made of steel. This support system provides structural integrity and stability to the entire machine. The machine is also made of rollers and a drive system. The rollers or other trunnions facilitate smooth rotation of the trommel screen. They are often adjustable. This makes it possible maintain proper tension and alignment of the drum.

Comprising a motor or gearbox the drive system on the other hand is used to provide rotational motion to the drum. The system is capable of controlling the rotation speed and direction of the machine.

Additional components of a Trommel screen

Some screens may also comprise internal lift bars to aid the agitation of the material, wear protection bars to protect the drum from damage that maybe caused by large abrasive material such as concrete.

Walkways for maintenance or inspection, water spray for dust suppression and bag breakers for opening plastic bags may also be fitted in the machine. Depending on the type of materials the machine is meant to sort, it may also comprise cleaning brushes to keep holes clean.

Where are trommel screens used?

A Trommel screen is applicable in multiple industries. These include the construction, mining, waste management, composting and paper manufacturing industries among others.

The machines are ideal for separating materials such as soil, rocks, sand, and other aggregates. They can also be used in conjunction with other processing equipment including crushers and shredders.

How does a Trommel screen work?

Materials meant for separation are fed into the drum at the feed end. They turn over and roll because of the inclination and rotation of the roller device. As a result, smaller particles pass through the perforated holes. The larger particles on the other hand are retained inside the drum and discharged at the other end.

Types of trommel screens

Trommel screens come in different types, sizes, and specifications as the uses in construction and elsewhere vary. Below are the different types of trommel screens.

1.Stationary trommel screen

This is a fixed kind of trommel screen. It is typically used in large-scale mining operations or landfills.

Reportedly, stationary trommel screens can be customized to meet some specific needs. These needs may include the amount of material to be screened, the type of material being processed, and the desired screening efficiency.

2. Mobile trommel screen

Just as the name suggests, this is a portable machine. That means it can be moved from site to site.

The machine is commonly used in smaller mining operations and construction sites. They are especially ideal for processing smaller amounts of materials.

Mobile Trommel screens are easy to set up. They can also be transported using a truck or trailer.

3. Vibrating trommel screen

This is a type of trommel screen that uses a vibrating motor to generate vibrations. The vibrating motor is used to jiggle the screen. The jiggling enables the materials to move and be separated as a result.

A vibrating trommel screen is usually used for finer materials that call for a higher screening efficiency.

4. Drum/cylindrical trommel screen

This type of a trommel screen uses a cylinder-shaped screen to discrete materials. The materials meant for separation are fed in at one end of the drum as it rotates. Smaller materials pass through the punched holes while the screened/larger material exits through the other end of the drum.

Drum/cylindrical trommel screens are commonly used in the mining and construction industries to set apart aggregates and minerals.

5. Grizzly trommel screen

A grizzly trommel screen is a type of trommel screen that comprises two bars or grizzly fingers at the front of the drum. The bars are used to keep off larger materials from the stream before they enter the trommel screen.

This type of the machine is commonly applied in the mining and construction industries to remove oversized materials.

Buying a trommel screen?

So if you are looking to buy a trommel screen now that you know the different types you can

also do some research on which are the more well-known brands that offer both good after sales

service and maintenance support as well as machine reliability. This will ensure you have little downtime and a long machine lifespan.